Award-winning South African ISP shares recipe for success

Award-winning South African ISP shares recipe for success
Award-winning South African ISP shares recipe for success

Cool Ideas scoops Best Fibre Award for third consecutive year
Fixed LTE soon launching in SA

After an unprecedented period in South Africa’s energy history that has seen the country require more agile thinking and innovation than ever before, one Internet Service Provider (ISP) has proven it has the tech knowhow and tenacity to keep the internet on regardless of the circumstances. So much so, that ISP Cool Ideas has won an award as the Best Fibre Internet Service Provider of the Year, by MyBroadband, for the third consecutive year.

The prestigious MyBroadband Awards are given out annually to top-performing companies and executives in the IT, Telecommunications, and Technology sectors – and are highly respected thanks to the vigorous research and testing which goes into selecting the winners. According to MyBroadband, “Candidates are selected based on what they offer the South African market, the impact their products and services have on their clients, and the level at which these products and services perform.”

Based in Johannesburg, Cool Ideas currently services over 40 000 South African users across 35 networks monthly, through its FTTH (Fibre to the Home), FTTB (Fibre to the Business) and VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) offerings. With an average speed of 43 Mbps, the amount of data processed totals 4 million Netflix episodes every month.

The small organization that is achieving big things was named the Best ISP in South Africa for 2020 and 2021 and now the Best Fibre ISP due to the excellent performance it offers users on fibre networks. Cool Ideas also won the ISP of the year in 2018. Additionally, it ranked the highest in customer satisfaction and brand loyalty among South Africa’s ISPs, according to research by Analytico.

Duwane Peters, Marketing Manager for Cool Ideas shares what he feels is behind the company’s success: “Cool Ideas sets itself apart from other ISPs by keeping things simple, staying focused on the basics that matter and by being hands-on. Our network quality is second to none because our directors are actively involved in building the network and maintaining our routes. We have a dedicated core team that has been with the company a long time, and they consistently deliver their best every day to provide an exceptional internet experience. The entire company functions effectively as a cohesive team, working together towards shared goals and objectives. Oh, and a Cool Ideas is a fun place to work!”

When asked what is next, Peters shares his excitement “We’ll soon be launching Fixed LTE, which has a wider available network than fibre internet. While fibre is typically faster and more reliable than LTE, it is limited to fixed networks. In contrast, LTE internet can be accessed from anywhere with good cellular coverage, making it a more versatile solution for customers who need internet access in non-fibre areas or in remote locations. LTE is an excellent backup or supplementary connection when fibre is unavailable.” Cool, hey?

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