A new, ultimate mounting solution

A new, ultimate mounting solution
GripTack® tape helps dampen vibrations making it perfect to mount objects in environments

A leading innovator in adhesive technology, Pratley has launched their latest addition to an already impressive range of ultra-high-performance adhesives. Pratley GripTack® Double Sided Mounting Tape is a cutting-edge adhesive tape that offers an alternative to screws, nails, and other mechanical fasteners by providing users with a quick, easy, long-lasting, and reliable solution for mounting and holding objects in place.

“With its convenient application and ultra-strong, industrial strength bond, this tape simplifies mounting tasks, making it quicker, easier, and more efficient than ever before,” says Mark Bell, National Sales and Marketing Manager at Pratley Adhesives.

GripTack® Double Sided Mounting Tape is quick to use without any hassle, making it suitable for both DIY projects and professional use. The tape provides a reliable and robust bond that increases in strength over time. “We have combined the user-friendliness of a DIY tape and the strength and technology of a high-performance industrial product to create the ultimate double sided adhesive tape,” highlights Mark.

Due to its strong adhesive properties and high-quality polyurethane foam, GripTack® tape also helps dampen vibrations, making it perfect to mount objects in environments where movement or vibration occurs.

“Whether you are mounting items inside your home or securing something outdoors, this tape can handle a lot,” says Mark. It is perfect for a variety of applications in and around the home, garage, or workshop. From mounting picture frames and mirrors onto walls, affixing bathroom towel hooks onto tiles, securing mats to prevent movement or bonding vehicle number plates, and trimming, Pratley GripTack® tape has a multitude of uses and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications.

As is the case with all adhesives, when applying GripTack® Double Side Mounting Tape, users should ensure that both surfaces to be bonded are clean and free of any loose material as well as any oil or grease. For the ultimate bond, it is recommended that the tape be applied at ambient temperatures higher than 15°C. When applying the tape in colder conditions, users can put the tape in a warm area or in their pocket for a few minutes. Once applied, GripTack® Double Sided Mounting Tape can withstand temperatures as low as -20°C and as high as 60°C.

“If you are looking for the ultimate, reliable double sided mounting tape that combines the user-friendliness of a DIY tape, and the strength and technology of a high-performance industrial tape, then Pratley GripTack® Double Sided Mounting Tape is the ideal choice,” concludes Mark.

For more information about Pratley GripTack® Double Sided Mounting Tape and other innovative adhesive solutions from Pratley, visit www.pratleyadhesives.com, contact the Sales Office on (011) 955 2190, or email [email protected] for friendly advice and assistance.

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