7 Content Tips to Drive Organic Search Traffic

If you run a website, generating traffic is one of the things you always think about and it can be a tedious and lengthy process, but it’s worth every effort. This method is one of the best ways to get long-term, high revenue yielding, and consistent results. It has proven to have staying power.

We will be listing seven effective ways that can be applied in order to help your website generate traffic.

  • Provide Solutions or Answers To Highly Searched Topics

Writing about topics people regularly search for is a very effective way of driving organic traffic to a website. There are a lot of content search tools that help find topics that have little competition and can rank easily.

The first step in achieving this is to search for topics that have low competition keywords and a lot of traffic. For maximum results, you have to be able to strike a balance between keywords that have high business value, are frequently searched and have little to no competition. This is very important because choosing keywords that have high competition can make it difficult or impossible to get any reasonable rank.

A sure way to achieve this is by making your keywords more specific, which helps narrow the search down to a particular niche. According to studies, long-tail keywords have a higher conversion rate, which has a long term effect on your rankings and business profits.

There are a lot of keyword search tools such as KWFinder, Smallseotools, and so on that can help gauge how competitive a keyword is and also find relevant keywords with little to no completion that have a great business value.

  • Use Social Media To Promote Content

Using this tip is a great way to drive traffic to your website. Social media alone has over 2.5 billion users, making it an excellent platform to gain organic traffic. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to increase traffic from every social media platform available today, especially with each platform offering different things and appealing to particular demographics. It is therefore advised to focus on two or three social media platforms depending on your most sought out demographic and your business needs.

  • Write Guest Posts For High Ranking Websites

This is one of the most effective ways to get backlinks to your website. By offering quality content to other blogs in exchange for backlinks, it enables your website to attract new traffic which helps increase the awareness of your brand and generate revenue.

Top blogs receive a lot of requests from content writers to write on their behalf; therefore, you have to be able to stand out from the pile. The easiest way to stand out is through adding to your referrals and resume; therefore, you can start by approaching smaller blogs, which is one of the fastest ways to build your resume and add to your referrals.

You can also find ‘Write For Us’ sites. Tools like Google Search Operators helps you to find websites that want to work with guest writers. This is a popular tactic resulting in a lot of these types of sites getting approached by numerous content writers. Therefore, do not limit yourself; a lot of other websites will welcome the free content.

  • Keep Your Content Up To Date

The one thing any content writer or blogger should understand is that there is always some information out there. This is regardless of the topic you are writing about or the niche your blog is jeered toward. With that in mind, you want to make sure that the content on your website said updated as often as possible. What happens when you have not updated your content on new and valuable info is that readers will not likely come back to your site once they discover your content isn’t up to date.

Another way of ensuring your content stays up to date is by performing a content audit of your website. This can be done professionally, or you can learn the ropes and do it yourself. Sometimes, your content might be relevant to the times, but the published date will scare readers away.

Let’s say you published a post on fitness in 2012 and it’s still relevant in 2020, you want to update the published date at least to give readers the feel of the relevancy of the info.

  • Create Video Content

Unfortunately, we are living in an age where visuals are highly sorted after. You want to take advantage of this opportunity to bring viewers and visitors to your blog by also posting video content.

An advantage of video is that viewers can easily multitask while getting informed/entertained, making it a reason why Youtube videos are viral. Just make sure that your video content is relevant, engaging, and the appropriate length.

  • Make Your Content Shareable

To drive organic traffic to your site, you want to ensure that your content is shareable. This is a sure way of getting the word out there, just like the way word of mouth works with face-to-face or offline information.

Think of it the time you came across an interesting piece online and wanted to share it with your friends or on social media, but you couldn’t because there were either not shareable or took too much mental work. That’s precisely how your readers feel if they tried sharing your posts and couldn’t. So making sure that your content is shareable is a proven way to not just allow your content to get to others via trusted sources, but to attract new and potential readers to your site.

  • Create Quality Content

This is the most important tip. Quality content is essential to attract and convert visitors. It has to be readable, helpful, trustworthy, easy to translate, the appropriate length, grammatically correct, and very engaging. This can be achieved with the help of writing services as an example includes Online Writers Rating.


Generating organic traffic is extremely important and beneficial to any website because of the long term results it yields. Thankfully, this can be achieved using several options available to you, which include the tips listed in this article.

Author bio: Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.




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