A bloody South Sudan civil war

EVEN in a civil war that has been rife with atrocities, the scale of the massacre of civilians in South Sudan’s oil hub of Bentiu on April 15th-16th plumbed a new depth of hell. The rebel White Army (pictured), so-called after the ash its fighters sometimes smear on themselves, killed anyone they suspected of supporting the government, including—it is reported—200 people in a single mosque and others in churches and aid-agency compounds. Local radio broadcasts helped to stir up ethnic hatred and to direct the violence at perceived enemies of Riek Machar, the vice-president, whose sacking by President Salva Kiir nearly a year ago led to the civil war that erupted in December.

Members of Mr Machar’s Nuer tribe were evidently encouraged to cheer on the violence. Toby Lanzer, a UN official who visited Bentiu in the massacre’s aftermath, said he saw “piles and piles” of bodies, almost all of whom appeared to be civilians. The killings were….

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