Stop Immigration NOW say British public – Video

Stop Immigration NOW say British public – Video

Message from Jack Sen, BNP spokesman.

Dear friends,

We spent the day at the seaside this past weekend, in order to gauge public opinion on immigration into Britain, and the inept way Westminster – led by spineless David Cameron, has handled the current migrant crisis.

Although the crisis has yet to reach Merseyside’s idyllic coastline, I wanted to see how members of my grandparents’ community, viewed the situation. I was also curious if the public recognised that UKIP, in spite of all the populist rhetoric spewing from Nigel Farage’s mouth, were offering little in the way of solutions. In total, I spoke to several dozen people from all walks of life, the vast majority of whom were wholly against any more immigration into Britain. Most folks I spoke with in fact agreed with the BNP position, that until this mess is sorted, an outright moratorium on immigration needs to be implemented. Sadly some of the more expressive people I encountered were literally too scared to go on camera – their fear of being branded racist palpable. The prospect of losing one’s job, friends or children, can have that effect and I empathised with them due to events in my own life.

So my question: If the vast majority of the people I encountered during my day out were vehemently opposed to our government’s handling of the immigration crisis, who exactly are the BBC speaking with when they engage the public? Politicians, the wealthy, their comrades in the mainstream media and the sorts of pathologically altruistic do-gooders the BBC find to go on camera, live far from culturally enriched communities and the sorts of people one meets on a day out at the sea.

These traitors will never understand what it’s like to struggle to make it to the end of the month, nor what it feels like to see one’s community forcibly changed beyond recognition without their permission.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the video, feel better knowing you are not alone and will tune in again when I hit the streets to discuss Inhumane Halal and Kosher slaughter, the exploitation of children and other issues impacting the country.

Warmest regards,
Jack Sen

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