Slaughtered, sealed and delivered

Cattle theft on the rise in the Sambokfontein area

Goa, India: Counted as one of the world’s most exotic locations attracting tourists from all over the country as well as the world, Goa is a haven of “good times” for most people around the world. Apart from the tourists, locals and fun-seekers, there is another population residing in Goa, for whom the city-state is anything but exotic.

On the occasion of Eid, 9 calves, cows and bulls were brutally slaughtered in broad daylight in Goa. Open slaughter of animals is strictly prohibited in India. Slaughtering cows is not allowed. The slaughter of calves is illegal and the butchering of bulls below the age of 14 without a ‘fit to to slaughter’ certificate from a recognized vet and outside of an authorised slaughterhouse is completely against the law.

Yet the animals were slaughtered, the meat of the animals was stuffed in polythene bags and their bodies left in the open. The tails, intestines and skinned remains of the animals were found littered behind Nagesh Garden Magaon, South Goa.

A case was registered in Margaon Police Station vide FIR number 237/2016. The police have arrested 2 men for the crime. Out of the 9 animals, only one managed to survive. The lone surviving bull has been given shelter at Dhyan Foundation’s gaushala in South Goa’s Avedem Village. Dhyan Foundation’s Goa gaushalas are home to hundreds of stray, injured and ageing cattle.

“Causing pain to innocent helpless animals is one of the biggest sins man can commit. You usually take birth in dimensions which you fit in to as per your deeds and karmas – so if you behave like a wild dog tearing up bodies of animals, no points for guessing what you’ll be in the next life….and the next life will happen only after you have spent your time balancing out your sins in the lower hells,” says Yogi Ashwini, the Guiding Light of Dhyan Foundation.

Animals in India need your help! Even if you cannot physically help these animals or donate, a firm email or tweet to the enforcement agencies from you can go a long way in improving the situation of animals in India.

By Dhyan Foundation

Dhyan Foundation is a volunteer-based non-commercial organization working relentlessly to aid and protect what remains of the animal kingdom. For more information,,, @dhyanfoundation