Simultaneous With The Warsaw Summit, Free Iran Rally for Regime Change

By Masoud Dalvand

Simultaneous With The Warsaw Summit, Free Iran Rally for Regime Change
Simultaneous With The Warsaw Summit, Free Iran Rally for Regime Change

Free Iran Solidarity Rally, Echoing the Voice of the Iranian People for Regime Change Simultaneous with the Warsaw Summit. PGE Narodowy, Entrance 2 – Warsaw- Starting at 12:30 (local time GMT+1)

Call by Iranian Communities on international community:

  • Support  Iran Protests and aspirations of the Iranian people for Iran Regime Change & establishment of democracy
  • Condemn Iranian regime’s meddling and terrorism in the region
  • Condemn Mullahs’ human rights violations
  • Adopt a firm policy towards the theocratic regime ruling Iran

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The demonstrations in Iran affirm the balance of power is in fact shifting. Iran Protests are today openly calling for an end to the “velayat-e-faghih”, or Supreme Rule. They want regime change by the people without foreign intervention. The recent developments in Iran also suggest that concomitantly addressing the Iranian regime’s international terrorism which has now surpassed geographical borders with numerous attempted terrorist plots foiled in France, Albania, Denmark in 2018, and its wanton disregard for human rights are not only possible, but also very much attainable. The only viable option is democratic change in Iran — through the Iranian people and their organized opposition movement.

As nationwide protests and strikes continue across Iran for over a year, and at a time where the cry for regime change and freedom is echoing throughout Iran; an important summit has been organized by the international community in Warsaw to discuss peace in the Middle East on 13thand 14th of February 2019. Iran regime’s destructive role in the Middle East will be one of the main topics in this conference.

Therefore, the Iranian diaspora will hold a large rally in Warsaw on Wednesday, 13 February to call for condemnation of the Iran regime’s dreadful human rights violations and the increase in its terrorist acts on European soil.

Dignitaries who will address the rally include

   –  Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of New York City

   –  Sid Ahmad Ghozali, former Prime Minister of Algeria

   – Sen. Robert Torricelli, former US Senator

and a number of members of the Polish Parliament and Senate.

Those Iranians who will participate in the rally, represent the people of Iran who are calling for regime change!

Those who can not attend can join by echoing the message of solidarity and the event through your active participation in the social media campaign.

Please actively take part in the campaign between now and the end of Wednesday 13thFebruary in order to be the voice of the voiceless in Iran!

The rally will begin at 12:30 pm CST and will be broadcast live on social media and websites of the Resistance and Iranian communities.

Together we can echo the voice and message of this event!

follow live on the following social media accounts

English: NCRI twitterFacebook

French: CNRI TwitterFacebook

Arabic: NCRI-Arabic TwitterFacebook

By Masoud Dalvand