Should race be a factor in how the media reports crime?

Should race be a factor in how the media reports crime?

Ever notice that the media is pushing a political agenda? Certain minor events are reported endlessly while some major events are ignored. It all depends on the political agenda of the news outlet. It is no secret that the agenda is usually a left-wing one.

This agenda is especially pronounced when it comes to crime. The media does not like to report black crime. Even when an at large suspect posed an immediate danger to the public, the media would rather ignore it.

I’ve written about this issue for years online. I got a big break in 2007. The LA Times issued an official online statement admitting that it was standard practice in the newspaper industry to censor of the race of minority crime perpetrators.

In the past year, a multitude of media bosses have publicly confessed to censoring black crime. Some of them proudly confess, and say that the censorship is for the public’s benefit. Some of them even call critics “racists” for asking for accurate news coverage.

All of these “media elites” place political correctness far above public safety. For the past year, I’ve been collecting news articles on the subject. Here are my complete findings…

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