Russia’s new Mi-28NM helicopter gets state-of-the-art missile weapons

Russia’s new Mi-28NM helicopter gets state-of-the-art missile weapons

Mi-28NM, Russia’s state-of-the-art attack helicopter now comes with a new generation of guided and unguided missile weapons, Vitaly Shcherbina, a chief designer at Russian Helicopters told TASS.

“The Mi-28NM now carries a new generation of round-the-clock guided missiles, including multipurpose missiles, which can hit targets without entering the area of the effective use of enemy air defenses, new generation unguided missiles with an upgraded range of applications and enhanced power, as well as bombs of various calibers,” he said.

The combat effectiveness of the Mi-28NM significantly increases due to the integration of the helicopter into single information and reconnaissance digital space on the battlefield. 

“Helicopters serve as an element of еру reconnaissance and strike perimeter. They can automatically receive up-to-date information about the enemy and conditions for conducting hostilities in a designated area from various reconnaissance systems, including unmanned vehicles,” the designer said. 

The chief designer noted that the new light multipurpose missile has successfully proven itself during operation. 

“The practical use of the Mi-28NM helicopter armed with new multifunctional guided missiles, has confirmed the high efficiency of this weapon. The effectiveness of the missile has been enhanced  in combination with information support from an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft and an automated command post created by JSC Mil and Kamov. The integrated use of this missile in conjunction with sources of information about the enemy and the combat environment in a given area will allow the crew to optimise flight characteristics of the flight to the area of ​​combat actions in real time. The crew will be able to automatically choose the required performance when approaching the target (the course, speed, helicopter flight altitude and missile echelon),” Shcherbina said.

The Mi-28NM went on its first flight on October 12, 2016. This is an upgraded version of the Mi-28N. The helicopter is equipped with a dual control unit. Unlike the Mi-28N, where the operator in the front cockpit is limited in his piloting capabilities, the new machine can be fully piloted from any cockpit. The helicopter has an overhead radar, a new sighting, flight and navigation system and an improved radar station. 

On June 27, 2019, the Russian Helicopters announced the signing of a contract with the Russian Ministry of Defense for the supplies of 98 Mi-28NM attack helicopters in 2020-2027.

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