Putin happy to sign the law to run for president yet again

Putin happy to sign the law to run for president yet again

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law giving him the right to run for president again. The document was published on the official website of legal information.

The State Duma, the Russian Parliament, adopted the corresponding law on presidential terms on March 24. The document was elaborated to implement a new provision of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, according to which the limitation of the number of terms shall be applied to the sitting head of state disregarding his previous presidential terms. Thus, Putin has been entitled  to run for two more terms.

The law also tightens requirements for presidential candidates.

A Russian citizen not younger than 35 years old who has permanently resided in the Russian Federation for at least 25 years can thus be elected president provided that he or she neither holds nor ever held citizenship of another state.

The document also regulates the norms of the law on the election of State Duma deputies (members of the parliament). Thus, those convicted of crimes of average gravity cannot apply for a deputy mandate for five years from the date when their conviction has been removed.

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