Putin finally speaks on the crisis in Belarus

Putin finally speaks on the crisis in Belarus

Russia acts more restrained and more neutral than the Europeans and Americans as far as the ongoing crisis in Belarus is concerned, President Vladimir Putin said. This became Putin’s first official comment about the current events in Belarus.

According to him, some forces, pursuing their political interests, want to show influence on Belarus from outside. The head of state set out a hope for a peaceful resolution of the crisis in the neighboring country. He believes that the situation is already improving.

Russia has formed a reserve of law enforcement officers, which, if necessary, will provide assistance to Belarus, Vladimir Putin said.

Russian security forces will take part in Belarus only if extremist elements in the republic go too far, Putin said.

Mass protests have been taking place in Belarus for a third week consecutive week. The people of Belarus in their majority stand opposed to the official result of the presidential election. The current head of state Alexander Lukashenko believes that elements of external interference are involved in the crisis. According to him, the coordinators try to act in the country according to color revolutions manuals.

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