Obama Seeks to Rally Allies on Russia – President Calls for NATO Members to ‘Step Up’

So, Obama and his clueless administration of neo-cons have created the problem in Ukraine – to which Putin rightly reacted – and now Obama wants others to clean up his mess?

Okey-dokey, if you say so. Quick, let’s send some of our young men and women to go fight and die against Russia for Obama!

Isn’t it just so rich for Obama to declare that “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and annexation of Crimea as a violation of a European order”?

Let’s cast our minds back to when the USA – under the Clinton administration- re-branded USA planes with NATO stickers and then willy-nilly bombed Serbia until they gave in and allowed Kosovo to become “independent”. Hospitals, orphanages, bridges, innocent people – all bombed by America….err…. NATO