Nina Cuso Shows a Rise in Financial Gains


Up and coming fashion designer Nina Cuso’s eponymous brand has been on a steep rise since investing in EP Records Def Jam Universal Music Group while working with director Sebastian Sdaigui as a costume designer. Seeing an opportunity to launch a brand incorporating her design and personal philosophies of ‘clothing for everyone’, she began with a modest sum to the media giant that paid off big-time down the line. After the initial entry, strategic allocations in fashion week as well as charities skyrocketed her popularity – foreshadowing the next phase consisting of real estate acquisitions for physical locations.

Brands – especially in fashion – live and die by their financial strategies. The Nina Cuso brand was developed with a specific goal and mission statement in mind, illuminating areas of allocation meant not only to further the business but to facilitate a mission of equality and acceptance. Through this warm-hearted approach Cuso initially carried the weight of the investments to bring her message to the world, yet her figures don’t lie. Strong indications of financial success materialized rapidly for the brand, as people across the globe relate and sympathize with Cuso’s statement.

The Personality

Nina Cuso is a well-known American fashion designer and editor. In her early life, Cuso was captivated by fashion and the art of expressing oneself while acting and working as a costume designer at The American Conservatory Theatre. Permeating her term in the San Francisco ‘freak show’ theatre scene was a culture that opened her mind from both creative and philosophical standpoints. She understood that fashion is an ideal medium to present individuality.

When Cuso became aware of the multitude of social biases; body shaming, hate, racism, sexism, homophobia, and stereotyping, she decided to take a stand and build a better future. She was so deeply affected by such shameful things happening around her that her designs are made to embody the Nina Cuso mission in their form and target market – made for anyone and everyone.

Cuso wished for a change in society and pledged to start working towards the goal. As she was always passionate about fashion, she decided to use it to bring about a change within people. This gave rise to her brand.

The Brand “Nina Cuso”

Nina Cuso established her own clothing brand in New York to launch her uniquely designed garments that reflect not only individualism, but the idealism of the wearer’s mind frame. Her line of garments is edgy, stylish, and striking, not only for the appreciation of others but to make the wearer comfortable and confident. The garments are unisex, meant to foster individual creativity and instill a sense of pride.

Cuso respects people of all ethnicities, nationalities, castes, creeds, languages, and genders. She stands against hate, bullying, and bias; designing to combat these abuses. Cuso believes that her designs are powerful enough to break social boundaries and raise our spirit, providing everyone the equal right to happiness.

Nina Cuso garments are not confined to any specific gender or body type. Her fashion is meant to suit any body, hence her line is unisex and comes in all sizes. All of her custom creations can be easily tailored according to personal choices and individual body types. Her core concept is that fashion should be easy and instantly within reach in any circumstance, including those who are suffering from disabilities or confined to a wheelchair. Cuso believes that “Nina Cuso” is not just a garment brand; rather it is an emotion, a thought, and an expression of personal opinion. It is the empowerment of personality and a conduit for any message the wearer wishes to convey.

Fashion for a cause

Nina Cuso’s work is dedicated entirely to bringing about a change in society. It is but one device through which Cuso aims at breaking stereotypes and giving society a new face altogether. To meet her goals, Cuso has also taken an initiative that allows a 20 percent discount on her garments if a customer sends in used apparel or donates money for a social cause. Cuso encourages that customers should in turn donate this saving to a non-profit organization of their choice.

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