Multi-Billionaire Ralf Dodt warns the entire world population that the WHO wants to seize power in all countries under the guise of a “pandemic agreement”.

Opinion by Werner Klennert

Multi-Billionaire Ralf Dodt warns the entire world population that the WHO wants to seize power in all countries under the guise of a “pandemic agreement”.

Every government that supports the WHO in its plans is also supporting the destruction of its own economy and population through disease and death. Fascism with WHO extensions for the 21st century, Ralf Dodt says.

If the WHO gets through with the idea, it will become a global power. Financed by mafia-like companies and foundations that have tangible interests (RISING STOCK PRICES!!!) in a pandemic, such as the sale of vaccines. “The WHO wants to make global failure during Corona the standard. A “pandemic treaty” is intended to undermine national sovereignty.”

The WHO “pandemic agreement” strips national sovereignty from any country that signs it.

Pay attention to how parasites work. They founded a private organization with a beautiful name – the WHO, which claims global authority. And then they drew up a pandemic protocol, according to which all countries that signed it give up their sovereignty to the WHO.

The WHO is a criminal organization that expands its power through scaremongering, blackmail and coercion of other countries.

The position of power that Tedros will have if the countries sign this treaty will catapult all of humanity back to the Middle Ages. There is no way to control him, there are no checks and balances and Tedros can do whatever he wants.

Let’s take a closer look at the director of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

Before Tedros became director of the WHO, of course not democratically elected but appointed, he was health minister and foreign minister in Ethiopia in a party that committed numerous crimes. He held a position of responsibility in a terrorist regime that carried out massive repression of the opposition. He is held responsible by human rights organizations for the murder of thousands. A gangster and murderer in such an important position at the WHO, that’s not possible under normal circumstances.

Why is this man head of the world health organisation ? He is not a Doctor ! He is a member of the “Tigray People’s Liberation Front” which was classified a terrorist organization by the US government in the 90’s and is still cataloged today as a member of the Global Terror Database

Because criminals appoint criminals…

In the future, the Director General of the WHO will be able to declare a public health emergency on his own and without any scientific basis. In this case, he can prescribe measures and even medical treatments to the population in every country. Particularly critical is the new Article 13A of the new health regulations, which converts all WHO recommendations into obligations.

“Whoever signs this is signing a blank check to the WHO.”

Alarm bells should also ring when reading the draft pandemic treaty. Article 18 unequivocally calls on governments to control information and censorship. The WHO alone will decide what is right or wrong information in the future, a democratically illegitimate, international organization that is now unfortunately financed by industrial lobbies.

“What else is this if not the loss of the sovereignty?”

Most people believe that the WHO means well for people, that it really acts in the interest of humanity, but that is far from the case

Countries give up their sovereignty and a global dictatorship is established, which is then led by Tedros. This is of course denied by the WHO, but let’s take a look behind the scenes at the WHO.

The WHO has allowed itself to be hijacked by the vaccine manufacturers / pharmaceutical industry. Over 80% of the money the WHO receives is earmarked, which means that the donor decides what the money should be used for. That’s why the WHO no longer does what it should do, take care of health, but does what the donors order so that good business can be done. But when names like Bill Gates appear as investors in the WHO, absolutely all alarm bells should go on.

The alleged philanthropist who has caused death and illness to thousands of people in India, who has also caused death and misery in some African countries, is also an investor in the WHO, says Ralf Dodt.

Investors don’t invest in projects if they can’t make money from them, so what can you earn in the WHO if you invest ? The pharmaceutical industry is so criminal that it even invents diseases so that the right pills can be sold for them. Pharma develops a drug and then looks for the right disease for it. Then they define an illness that didn’t exist before and then look for a celebrity to publicize the illness.

Anything you want to get rid of you can bring it onto the market through the WHO and earn money from it, it’s that simple.

WHO is planning to break the law in order to be able to adopt stricter international health regulations.

The International Health Regulations (IHR), which, among other things, regulate the powers of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the event of a pandemic, clearly state that proposed reforms must be submitted to governments four months before they are voted on. That deadline has long passed for this year’s World Health Assembly in May. But the WHO wants to continue negotiations until May and then have a vote immediately.

The planned reform of the IHR is intended to give the WHO a number of additional competencies. The same applies to the planned pandemic contract. The IHR are considered a treaty under international law and are binding for all participating governments. This is not the case, at least formally, with the pandemic contract.

Section 55 of the IHR regulates how the regulations should be reformed. There it says, without much room for ambiguity:

“(1.) Amendments to these regulations may be proposed by any Contracting State or by the Director-General. These proposed changes must be submitted to the health assembly for consideration. (2.) The Director-General shall communicate to all States Parties the text of any proposed amendment at least four months before the Health Assembly at which it is proposed for consideration.”

The proposed amendment text should have been sent to governments by January 27th so that it could be voted on in accordance with the rules at the next World Health Assembly, which ends on May 27th. That didn’t happen. There is still no text to this day. This is a violation of the law and a breach of contract !

The International Health Regulations (IHR) are due to be amended at the 77th World Health Assembly (WHA) at the end of May 2024. According to the regulations of the IHR itself, such changes require a four-month lead time, i.e. the text to be voted on must be announced to the contracting states four months in advance.

Think about the impact the dictatorial power of the WHO would have worldwide. The entire economy is being affected because of the stupid lockdowns. Even more people would lose their jobs. Entire countries would be driven even further into financial ruin. “Human dignity will no longer play a role, we are threatened with conditions of massive human rights violations worldwide,” says Ralf Dodt.

Consider, for example, African countries that were oppressed by Western colonialism for many decades. They would then fall back to colonialism, only much worse than ever before.

African countries do not need a WHO, UN, or Gates to manage some local diseases or local health problems. In Africa, for example, cholera is still decimating human lives. They also have zoonotic diseases like Ebola. People still go to the forests to feed themselves and come into contact with bats because they want to make a living. They don’t need Bill Gates to prescribe “vaccinations” and “medications” to them. If these WHO reform regulations are put into effect, people will be punished and so will governments.”

The way corporate power has merged with state power over the past four years fits Benito Mussolini’s definition of fascism. WHO, UN, EU and national governments have taken over the marketing and sales of their products for the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The large asset managers and the digital-financial complex could hardly be distinguished from the state power. Censorship, disregard for basic and human rights, medical experiments on people and warmongering have flourished in a way not seen since before and during the two world wars in the 20th century.

The WHO negotiations aim to steer tens of billions of dollars into what Ralf Dodt calls the Pharmaceutical Hospital Emergency Industrial Complex (PHEIC).

Much of this redistribution of wealth is said to affect approximately 400 “relevant stakeholders.” These “relevant actors” are non-governmental organizations (NGOs), non-profit organizations (NPOs) and so-called civil society organizations (CSOs), which are often involved in “public-private partnerships”.

The treaty would be the final nail in the coffin on the road to the “Great Reset” and a desolate existence in a totalitarian, red-green ant colony. Now would be the time to put an end to this “failing club” in order to be able to lead an independent life again. Full of risk and hardship, but proud.

The proposed Pandemic Treaty and amended International Health Regulations would grant the WHO sweeping powers once it declares a health emergency of international concern, thereby making the sovereignty of states null and void. Resist this twenty-first century colonialism.

“One Health”, environmental protection, animal protection and climate protection… Tedros orders and all countries must participate.

He can declare health emergencies whenever and wherever he wants. Tedros can and will then ask countries to enforce general vaccination requirements, impose testing requirements, mask requirements, again useless lockdowns etc. Even trade restrictions can then be ordered by this single person, as well as quarantine, contact tracing and even isolation of people, etc.

There is no body in the world that can check the WHO, so they will do what they want

Lockdowns are “colonialist” and “Western imperialism through the back door” says Ralf Dodt

“This is a continuation of classic Western imperialism through the back door. It is health imperialism to suppress knowledge from other parts of the world and to think that medical innovations and knowledge about Covid or other pandemics must come from Geneva or the developed world. This is why we need to advocate for multiple knowledge centers… Every society has a right to its own innovations.”

In the future, the health system should be designed for a permanent crisis mode. Coercive measures could be ordered and controlled at any time – even without a pandemic. The WHO will then also use the alleged global warming as an excuse to order measures.

A lot of human activities generate greenhouse gases: Generating electricity, transportation, growing food, heating buildings… Because “we need to get to zero emissions by 2050″, we have to come up with an alternative way to perform those same activities without emitting any greenhouse gases.”

The climate apocalypse narrative is merely a pretext for unelected globalist psychopaths to dictate, control and regulate the permissible scope of all human activity, under the guise of “saving the planet”.

It’s not about controlling the climate—it’s about controlling YOU.

It’s propaganda, it’s indoctrination, it’s mind control, it’s brainwashing!

Would you sign the following contract for yourself and your family?

1. I hereby let my contractual partner decide whether I am healthy or sick.

2. I hereby transfer to my contractual partner the sole power to decide which medications, therapies and measures I should take, and/or adhere to in the event of an illness defined by him.

3. My contractual partner is always right and his decision must not be questioned.

4. My contractual partner bears no responsibility in the event of damage caused by his decision.

5. My contractual partner is not subject to any independent control authority and has no alternative.

You think this is nonsense? No… these are excerpts from the pandemic contract

How is it possible that Gates, Fauci, Tedros (WHO) already talk about “Disease X”? “Disease X” a new very dangerous disease that will kill more people than “Covid 19” did ever do?

The answer is very easy, they create the pandemic! Only because they create the disease they can say that it will come up a new very dangerous disease. Not Covid 19 has killed millions of people, it was the vaccination. Not Covid 19 has injured millions of people worldwide but the vaccination.

Now they want that more people will die so they will create a new “Disease X”. Currently they don’t have a name for the Disease, therefore they call it “Disease X”.

Now they are in stage “panic”…

“Covid 19” was not as successfull as they expected. They have expected much more DEATH ….. They want to reduce the human kind and they do everything to reach there pervert goal, says Ralf Dodt