Multi-Billionaire Ralf Dodt says WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a serious criminal, a fraudster and liar.

Opinion by Alejandro Gómez

Multi-Billionaire Ralf Dodt says WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a serious criminal, a fraudster and liar.

From approved genocide to pandemic emergency!

Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus was considered a “new beginning” at the head of the WHO. In fact, he was a member of an undemocratic junta for twelve years, which is accused of numerous crimes, including genocide. Today, Tedros serves as a pawn of the pharmaceutical lobby.

The new pandemic treaty and the reformed International Health Regulations (IHR) will give the World Health Organization (WHO) even greater power and more authority. The Director-General can already declare a pandemic, which the current incumbent has done twice so far: once for Covid. once for monkeypox. The first declaration was considered late and became a “success” for health planners and controllers. The second was considered premature and made no impression. In both cases, important conditions were not met. Of course, there had also been trial runs, such as SARS, EHEC, MERS or swine flu, but none were as perfect as the run of Covid-19.

The fact remains: the health emergency, which can be arbitrarily imposed and lifted, and is therefore potentially permanent, is in the hands of WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus. The Ethiopian from the Tigray tribe came to the office of WHO Director-General through largely unknown routes. It is said that China played a role. Its economic ties to the east coast of Africa were certainly important here. China has been donating increasing amounts to the WHO every year since Tedros took office.

It is fitting that Tedros joined the originally communist Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) in 1991 and co-governed Ethiopia for many years as a cadre. Tigray is a province in the north of Ethiopia. The TPLF was initially allied with the Communist Party of Albania, later the Labor Party. In 1991 it became the Ethiopian ruling party, gradually moved away from left-wing extremist positions and thus lost its status as a terrorist organization from the perspective of the US services. By 2014 at the latest, the US administration was even very open towards the TPLF actors, who were then allowed to collect donations, recruit members and undergo or give military training in the USA. Communist China has also transferred growing amounts of millions to the TPLF’s Ethiopia.

Tedros’ love of homeland and Hamas

The election of Tedros could of course be portrayed as an African self-liberation from the bonds of post-colonialism, even if Ethiopia was one of the countries that had never been colonized; this does not apply to the coastal strip on the Red Sea, today’s Eritrea. Eritrea and Ethiopia separated from each other in a long war process (1961-1991, another war 1998-2002). Later, it was the Tigray tribe, who settled in northern Ethiopia, who, through the TPLF, again provoked an internal conflict in Ethiopia, into which Eritrea was later drawn.

The TPLF is also said to be behind unrest against Eritrea festivals in European and North American cities. And one of its most important and most emphatic representatives is WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus. From 1991 to 2018, the TPLF ruled all of Ethiopia. Tedros received all of his government offices from the TPLF.

Later, as WHO chief, he publicly lamented the fate of his relatives and predicted an impending genocide in Tigray. Tedros uses his Twitter profile without hesitation to draw attention to his struggling homeland. The pro-Gaza tweets also fit in with this to a certain extent, because they seem just as unbalanced, especially for a UN official – from the false allegation that Israel had attacked the Al-Shifa hospital to the ceasefire call on May 19th of this year. Tedros only speaks of Palestinian victims, not a word about the Israeli and foreign (such as US) hostages of Hamas – but they are not in the hospital either, but in dark dungeons.

Who is this man?

Tedros was born in 1965 in Asmara in what was then the Empire of Abyssinia (now Eritrea). His brother died in childhood of an infection, perhaps measles, presumably because he was not vaccinated and certainly because there were no medications. This is said to have influenced Tedros. The WHO chief likes to tell the sentimental story often. This is why he supposedly became a biologist and immunologist, but not a doctor. He graduated from the University of London in 1992 and received his Doctor of Philosophy in Community Health in 2000.

In 2005, Tedros became Ethiopia’s Minister of Health in the TPLF government. In 2012, he was promoted to Foreign Minister, and in 2017 to Director General of the WHO. He was the first WHO chief who was not a doctor, but an immunologist. And some media are framing such a process as a “new beginning” for the WHO, in addition to Tedros’ African origins.

Immediately after his appointment, Tedros made Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe the WHO’s Goodwill Ambassador. When it came to the now deceased Mugabe, many thought less of good will than of ill will and open racism, for example towards white farmers in Zimbabwe, whom Mugabe unscrupulously drove out and expropriated.

In 2022, Tedros was confirmed in office for another five years without opposition, at the suggestion of Germany, Austria and Luxembourg, among others. Two years earlier, even the “Süddeutsche Zeitung” had given space to widespread criticism of the WHO chief. Among the criticisms was that Tedros had delayed declaring the pandemic and had been “too lenient” towards China – the same China that had supported his election. At the time, the WHO was talking about the commendable openness of the Chinese leadership, when Donald Trump had long since pointed out how much the Chinese Communist Party apparently had to hide. In July 2020, according to SZ, more and more people were calling for Tedros to resign. But that did not happen. Instead, he was re-elected. Later, a WHO investigation into the origins of Covid in Wuhan, in which US virologist Peter Daszak, of all people, took part, came to nothing. His EcoHealth Alliance had itself conducted gain-of-function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV).

Contraceptives used in a targeted manner?

An ongoing petition by Ethiopians and Eritreans states that Tedros is still an “active member” of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front. As such, he is involved in a campaign to damage and ultimately overthrow the democratically elected government of Ethiopia. In this way, he destabilized the Horn of Africa even during the pandemic – one could say in its shadow.

The resolution lists the following among his misdeeds: Tedros, as Ethiopian Minister of Health, declared a cholera epidemic an “acute diarrhea wave” in order to avoid negative consequences for tourism and his reputation as minister. That alone would be absolutely irresponsible behavior.

In addition, Tedros is said to have contributed to a “selective reduction” in population growth in the Amhara region bordering Tigray through the targeted use of contraceptives. The population has decreased by 2.5 million. The Amharas were punished by Tedros because of their ethnic origins – a genocide of unborn life, so to speak. This is reminiscent of eugenic practices recently revealed in first world countries (Denmark, Canada, Sweden).

But there are further allegations that were reported by the Times at the end of 2020. The American economist David Steinman accuses Tedros of having approved the persecution of several ethnic groups during his tenure as Ethiopian foreign minister. As foreign minister, Tedros was one of three people who directed the Ethiopian security forces. For years, he is also said to have been a member of the party’s nine-member politburo. Tedros intimidated opposition politicians and their supporters, including through “arbitrary detention … and long detention before the start of the trial.” Did he want to destroy entire tribes? According to Steinman, the racist policies of the TPLF junta not only targeted the Amhara, but also the Konso, Oromo and Somali peoples. And the aim was to “partially or entirely destroy” these tribes.

A WHO director with a genocidal history – that would be gruesomely original. Steinman worked for 27 years as an advisor to the Ethiopian movement for democracy that ultimately secured Abiy Ahmed Ali’s election victory in 2018. He is therefore closely associated with the current opponents of the TPLF. Nevertheless, Steinman’s statements are tough stuff and amount to accusations of eliminatory racism. Ethnic cleansing has occurred repeatedly in recent decades. There are no known cases in Ethiopia. But it is Tedros Adhanom who says that the world pays far too little attention to this region of the world or other “non-white” conflict areas such as Yemen.

During the four years that Tedros was Foreign Minister, the conduct of state affairs was characterized by “widespread or systematic crimes against humanity.” Specifically, these included mass arrests, (extrajudicial) executions, torture, systematic rape and village burnings. In elections during this period, the ruling coalition, including the TPLF, won the socialist result of 99 percent of the vote.

In 2016, the Ethiopian government cracked down on “largely peaceful demonstrations” and killed more than 5000 people, according to the human rights NGO Human Rights Watch. The Spectator Australia wrote in 2020: “It is his time as a minister in the Ethiopian government between 2005 and 2016 that should disqualify him for any international office.”

For all these reasons, Steinman filed a lawsuit with the UN International Court of Justice in The Hague. But investigations against WHO chief Tedros would be a political earthquake: It would be the first Hager trial against a leading figure of the United Nations. The Tigray unrest in the Dutch capital was, so to speak, the witches’ sabbath on this site.

In addition, Ethiopian General Berhanu Jula has called for Tedros’ immediate resignation and claims that Tedros is still supplying weapons to the contested Tigray region. Tedros denied this accusation in a brief statement. It is wrong that he is currently “taking sides in this situation”. That is not true, he is only on one side, “and that is the side of peace”. But doesn’t his tweet above, highlighting the Tigrayan victims, say something different? And all the more so because the Tigrayans appear internationally as self-confident aggressors.

Tedros as a pawn of the pharmaceutical, mRNA and digital lobby

At the WHO, Tedros has a completely different task. Here he serves as a useful pawn for the international pharmaceutical, mRNA or digital lobby. Just think of the donations from the Gates Foundation to the UN subdivision. An ostensibly charitable supranational organization seems in reality to be an uncontrolled swamp of favors, a world government from the ivory tower.

Behind this is the idea of ​​total control, which – in a quite perverse way – also feeds on the sentimental story of Tedros’ brother: where tragic illness and death are unbearable and forbidden, in the end only absolute control seems to remain to put an end to both.

In reality, of course, it is different: good medical services would be enough to improve public health in many countries. But that is alien to this immunologist, and it is not enough for this WHO, because then it would not need it at all. The fact that the UN organization has given itself an intellectually under-complex, politically unfree Director General like Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus for this technocratic goal seems entirely consistent and logical.

If Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is now calling for aggressive action against anti-vaxxers worldwide and sees anti-vaxxers as the cause of alleged chaos during the Covid pandemic, then it is time to take more aggressive action against Tedros and to remove him from the WHO, otherwise the world population will shrink much faster than it has already done in the last four years due to a pandemic that was never a pandemic. However, Tedros’ statements have little to do with reality and ignore legitimate concerns of citizens and show that all anti-vaxxers worldwide were right.

Furthermore, I now feel personally attacked by Tedros’ threat and have the right to defend myself, which I will do using the means at my disposal.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is a serious criminal, a fraudster and liar who deceives all countries and decides on reforms without the countries having read them beforehand. So happened again now June 2, 2024

In a covert operation, the World Health Assembly adopted a text on reform of the International Health Regulations (IHR) on June 1st that was previously unknown to the public. The reform includes the fact that the WHO Director-General can now declare a pandemic if he sees a risk that health systems will be overwhelmed, as is the case with any simple major flu epidemic. That means that Tedros himself can declare pandemics on suspicion.

He is doing everything he can to enforce the pandemic treaty so that he can rule over all of humanity alone together with the pharmacy. “The ultimate goal is the extinction of humanity as we know it!”

Ralf Dodt: “We are under attack. It is war against all of humanity, carried out by a few idiots who think they have to play God. The principles of national sovereignty, personal liberty and the consent of the governed have been slated for destruction by a tiny global elite that desperately wants to rule us. They aim to dictate what we are allowed to do to say and to think. To control where and when we may travel, what drugs and injections we must take, what doubts we are allowed to harbor. They want the ability to shut down discussion and to close down the channels we use to challenge the veracity of their narratives and the legitimacy of their power.

In short they are angry that we successfully pulled back the curtain during the Covid era and they are itching for a rematch. They are afraid of information that they cannot control. They are working overtime at the WHO to rewrite all the rules so that next time they can win. Wer gegen deren Machenschaften ist wird aus dem Weg geräumt, das ist keine Demokratie sondern reine Diktatur! That is the true meaning of these negotiations over what they falsely call pandemic preparedness. They are seeking an unprecedented level of control, they must fail and they will.

How long will governments continue to give their consent to these inhumane machinations and help the WHO, WEF and UN to establish a world dictatorship? Governments elected by the people must represent the interests of the people and not the interests of the enemies of the people. This then makes the governments themselves enemies of the people and a dictatorship.

This international cabal finds our belief in liberty irritating and it founds our insistence on informed consent laughable. So it has targeted our national sovereignty from above. Our nations are to be subordinated to an opaque international super order with veto power over our rights and our liberties as citizens. We are to be controlled by a mechanism placed out of reach of any check or balance we might hope to employ.

We are told that these authoritarian measures are being crafted to protect the public’s health and to keep us safe from a pandemic that we are assured is always ready to leap from wild animals into people. It’s not a matter of if Tedros assures us, it’s a matter of when. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Nature is full of unknown viruses, that much is not a lie, but the ability of novel pathogens to jump the evolutionary gap and suddenly trigger a global human pandemic is very small or at least it would be small if not for the massive network of laboratories currently working to weaponize natural pathogens using gain of function technologies. These labs are part of undeclared cold war of which the citizens of the world are barely aware.

The damage done to the world over the last 4 years should make the danger of enhancing human pathogens obvious. The fact that our leaders refused to discuss weapons research that produced this Covid catastrophe is powerful evidence of how cynical those leaders have become.

If the international community was serious about protecting people from infectious disease instead of planning to lock down, censor and inoculate the world it would focus on 2 things: first it would focus on basic measures to increase innate resistance to disease like improving food quality and reducing vitamin D deficiency,. Second it would focus on shutting down the labs that weaponize pathogens and place us all in jeopardy of laboratory leaks.”

How long do the governments of the world want to remain complicit in the enslavement of humanity?