ValueMentor Announces Creation of New Position: CEO-Middle East

Paul Mathew as the first CEO-Middle East of ValueMentor
Paul Mathew as the first CEO-Middle East of ValueMentor

ValueMentor, a leading Cyber Security Consulting & Services company, is pleased to announce the establishment of a new executive/CXO position within the organization, the CEO-Middle East (Chief Executive Officer – Middle East). This strategic move reflects our commitment to expanding our presence in the Gulf region and further strengthening our operations in the global marketplace. This position will be critical as we expand our services and solidify our position as a trusted partner in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape with increasing importance of safeguarding digital assets and protecting privacy.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the appointment of Paul Mathew as the first CEO-Middle East of ValueMentor. Paul brings over 22 years of diverse experience across industries and domains (10 years of Industry and 12 years of consulting). His expertise spans across telecommunications, retail, banking, insurance, fintech, life sciences, manufacturing, ports, FMCG, energy & natural resources, and utilities sectors.

Paul’s impressive achievements include; envisioning & creation of one the world’s largest smart policing project enabling a large city’s police force to be completely automated and ensured ROI within 90 days of implementation. Creating a unique technology solution in Telecom to address an impending business problem of customer churn ensuring a higher win back. He co-founded and led the Data & Analytics practice at a prestigious Big 4 firm, in the Asia-Pacific region. Leveraging Real Time Data & Analytics, Data Lake, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, and cutting-edge visualization techniques, enabled businesses to align with the strategic objectives of influential boards and C-level executives.

Paul is a passionate advocate for inclusivity and diversity in technology, collaborating closely with government bodies to empower women and gender self-help groups through innovative tech platforms. His commitment to using technology for social good has made a tangible difference in communities worldwide. Furthermore, Paul’s deep interest in Indian sciences has led him to authoring two books, one that interweaves ancient Indian Vedic scriptures with Bias in Artificial Intelligence, shedding light on the profound connections between history, technology, and the future; and another Unveiling the Veil: Exploring Anonymisation and the Anonymous which is in the Context of Privacy.

As the CEO – Middle East, Paul Mathew brings a bold vision to ValueMentor to redefine industry standards in customer-centricity, stakeholder value, and fostering a collaborative work culture. By leveraging our existing strengths and driving relentless innovation, Paul aims to position ValueMentor as the undisputed go-to partner for cutting-edge cybersecurity and privacy solutions.

“I am profoundly honoured and excited to join forces with ValueMentor as CEO – Middle East,” said Paul Mathew. “The company’s unwavering commitment to cybersecurity and privacy, combined with its exceptional team and client-centric approach, presents a remarkable opportunity to make a lasting impact. I eagerly anticipate working closely with the brilliant minds at ValueMentor as we strive to deliver innovative solutions and protect businesses in an increasingly digital world.”

Binoy Koonammavu, Founder & Global CEO of ValueMentor, commented while welcoming Paul said “ Paul ‘s appointment couldn’t have come at a more exhilarating time for ValueMentor. With Paul’s unwavering expertise and visionary leadership, we are poised to dominate the industry, pushing boundaries and shaping the future of cybersecurity.”

Join us in extending a warm welcome to Paul Mathew as he embarks on this transformative journey with ValueMentor.