Syria must Independently Defeat Terrorism

Almost ten days have passed since the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the allied forces managed to break the siege on Deir Ezzor city, which was maintained by terrorists since 2014. This date undoubtedly will be incorporated into school textbooks and immortalized forever for all the Syrians.

Unfortunately, besides the true allies of the Syrian government, neither Western states nor human rights organization has offered assistance to the residents of the liberated city. It seems that this significant event for the Syrians exactly gone unnoticed by the mass media around the world.

We can confidently assume that the groundless accusations of the West against the Syrian authorities regarding the alleged massacre of its nation and the use of chemical weapons are unlikely to end. The point is that such accusations of the Western countries are basically a potential opportunity to implement its own strategic interests and plans in the region.

When it comes to real help to the resident of the besieged Raqqa or newly liberated Deir Ezzor, the Western charities merely disappear, trying not to notice population’s problems.

Consequently, the fate of the Syrian population, as well as the fate of other countries, where Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch operate, does not really care about them. These organizations pursue completely different tasks, which are frequently aimed at breaking up Syria, and the problems of the local population are only means to achieve these tasks. In this context the duplicity of human rights defenders perfectly complements the established tradition of Western countries to support terrorists.

At the same time, playing a double game is very convenient as you will never lose face or become a loser. Feeling the defeat of your subordinates, you can always change the political vector. Washington is a striking example, whose efforts are now supposedly focused on combating terrorism, rather on overthrowing Bashar Assad.

It logically follows that as soon as all terrorists group are completely eliminated, the international coalition will be forced to leave Syria, without the right to interfere in the policy of the country. Unfortunately, such a scenario is hardly possible.

Under the circumstances, the Syrian government has only one way to get rid of Western and Middle Eastern ‘partners’ interference – to defeat ISIS on its own. Having cleared the territory of the country from the illegal armed groups, President Assad will not leave an excuse for the illegal presence of ‘humanitarian’ institutions and international coalitions on Syrian soil.