Kurds conducted a closed meeting in Sochi

During the first day of the Syrian National Dialogue Congress in Russia’s Sochi the representatives of the Kurdish National Council, Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, North Syria, and the Russian ministry of foreign affairs’ delegation led by Special Presidential Envoy on Syria Alexander Lavrentiev held a meeting behind closed doors.

So far, the Russian MID (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) has not commented on the talks held as well as its agenda. Allegedly the main issue of the international discussion was the situation around the cantonment of Afrin and possible actions to stabilize the current state of affairs.

It should be mentioned that earlier the Kurdish authorities have recognized the fact that they received a proposal on giving the Syrian Arab Army the permission to deploy its forces on the territories which are under Kurdish control. Since the beginning of Operation Olive Branch in Syria and the U.S. unwillingness to stop the offensive of its NATO ally, the Kurds are forced to seek the support of other influential powers such as Russia and Iran.