Game Sequels on the Horizon 2018

Video game sequels are significant aspects of game development but not so many creators reveal the upcoming events. Big names sequels are expected this year with the coming up of E3. In this post, we have gathered five new video games 2018 some of which are more far-fetched than the rest. The list is representative of the titles that GameSpot editors hold strongly and couldn’t wait to see at E3 2018.


  • Forza Horizon 4

The newest Forza game struck gold with this series with the third entry being in the lineup of the finest Xbox One racers. Forza Motorsport 7 was launched last year and fans couldn’t wait for Forza Horizon 4. Recently, the game has been rated for PC and Xbox One X on the Brazillian Rating Board. If the expected series follow the antecedent’s footsteps, we expect an open-world arcade racer geared towards adventure, flawless online multiplayer, and tournaments. taking into account the past launches of Forza games, launching of the For a Horizon 4 is highly possible in September 2018. Thus, if you will be assigned writing review of this game, you can always rely on proposal writing services. Regardless of nature, it is anticipated to get the most out of Xbox One X.


  • Red Dead 2

Red Dead Redemption II is fast approaching and is expected to explore the extensive American wilderness whereby the gang- Duch Van der Linde- tries to escape the lawmen in their final years in the Wild West. Players will discover the history of the gang involving John Marston, a young guy, in its thralls. It will be released in a few months (perhaps in October 2018) on Xbox One and Play Station 4 and there is so much that’s unknown about this huge open-world game.

  • Beyond Good & Evil 2

From the Ubisoft’s future plans, Beyond Good and Evil 2 seems so ambitious. The developers are planning an extensive adventure in which player can form their own characters as they explore the world of this game. From the story, it is highly likely that the game will expand the original title’s universe where human and animal hybrids are perceived as slave labor. Later, the hybrids established and explored their own colonies. The release date is yet to be announced but the game is officially in the development phase. From the latest builds, Beyond Good and Evil 2 happens in moments before the original game. Presumably, the original Zelda-esque character will be retained. It has also been hinted out that the title will have a seamless online universe but how that will affect the core experience is not clear-cut.


  • Psychonauts

Like many Double Fine Productions, Psychonauts is a brainy and endless game, which has earned a huge following. Its original release may not have sold well but its reputation grows bigger every day, selling consistently on different platforms such as Steam. One of the reasons for its popularity is that it enables players to explore their counterpart’s psyches and figure out their emotional issues. Before taking an adventure on the mind-blowing journeys, players will enjoy trekking the campgrounds of the woodland as they chat with quirky peers that look like demented Muppets. Every dialogue is a witty and goofy conversation that involves ideas such as exploding squirrel’s head with a simple thought. Psychonauts is indeed an inception of the video games.

  • Crackdown 3

Fans have been looking forward to Crackdown 3 since the first series was a blast. In Crackdown 1, a powerful character leaped structures in just one bound and hauled vehicles at a gang. The best scenes involve the coop that enables players and their team to create double destruction. The second series is great but most fans were left carving for more substantial scenes. Crackdown 3 was set for a release in 2016 but it then delayed until November last year. Finally, it was to be released in February 2018 with the game featuring Azure-powered destruction. This means that everything in the game is simply destructible.

This was just the beginning

Do you remember the last year? 2017 had some big names coming out. February 28, 2017, was the horizon zero dawn release date. Zero dawn ps4 was developed by the award-winner Guerilla Games, the same creator of the Killzone. In an extravagant post-catastrophic planet where the land has been reclaimed from the ruins of a past civilization, humans live in primitive tribes of hunter-gatherers. Their authority in the new wilderness has been seized by machinery creatures whose origin is unknown. As players travel in this zero dark horizon they are faced with the dilemma of unlocking the conundrum that links the ecotopes as well as the fate that struck the human race.


We all agree that sequels are great foundations if the entertainment industry particularly with video games and movies. Some of the huge names have been there for more than 10 years and it is the developers who reap most of the benefits. Most AAA titles are renewed every year in order to keep players on their toes as well as bring more money to the companies. A video game series may take extremely long hiatus to hit the store shelves but true fans never stop waiting.


Sandra Hayward writes books and articles at EduBirdie, both fictional and non-fictional. She also runs a blog where she talks about video games. It was currently listed among the best gamers’ site in 2018. Sandra is one of the most prominent thriller writers in this industry and is composing her fifth book.