For the supporters of ethnic self-determination

For the supporters of ethnic self-determination, Sunday was a good day. The election in the Spanish region of Catalonia resulted in a clear democratic mandate for separation from the Spanish Kingdom.

Artur Mas, Head of the Government in Catalonia, said in Barcelona on Sunday evening: “We now have a clear mandate for separation.” This follows after parties for self determination won 72 of the 135 seats in government, a total of 47,8% of the votes cast. About 78% of the Catalan people participated, which shows a clear and undeniable mandate for self determination of Catalonia. The two parties, Junts pel Si (with 62 seats) and CUP (holding another 10 seats) will now set course for freedom.

This is EXACTLY the route proposed by Front National South Africa. Catalonia proved to us that it is viable, it can be done. That is why the Catalan people, despite their objection to the greater Spanish authority, actively participated in the election and gave a recognisable, legitimate and democratic mandate.

And that is all we ask. Give us a mandate as well. Let us follow the precedent set by the people of Catalonia. FNSA would like to sincerely congratulate our friends in Catalonia and assure them of our full support and encouragement for what must be done now

Daniël Lötter

FNSA Information

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