How German Consul General got to be a CIA spy

How German Consul General got to be a CIA spy

In Germany, an escalating scandal surrounds a senior official in the Federal Foreign Office (FFO), namely, Max Maldacker who is the Consul General of Germany in Lyon, France now. It has been caused by publications appeared in Internet, as is currently the practice. And the information about Mr. Maldacker’s links with the CIA began to spread very quickly. The publication first appeared on the Facebook page of a certain user registered under a false name of Allen Moore, who showed the spying activities of the Consul General of Germany for the public. According to Mr. Moore posing as a CIA officer, Maldacker has been working for American intelligence for over 20 years, using his office to advance the interests of the USA in Europe. The sensational news got around the Internet quickly, spreading all over Internet communities and forums. Famous hackers from the Anonymous International Group also made their due contribution as they published the material on their website.

This great scandal did not go unnoticed by the public. While American intelligence services did not make any official comments on this issue, those US citizens, who could not be indifferent to the misfortunes of others, rapidly responded to the appearance of another Snowden suspended of leaking secret information. They published a petition and demanded that the Government should suspend the shutdown being at force at that time in the country, establish control over the situation and prevent further activity of such a traitor to the country as A. Moore.

The response of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, which created serious confusion in extremely complicated espionage scandal, evoked the biggest interest among members of the public. First there was a comment for the publication on where the Federal Foreign Office disproved the information about Agent Maldacker. Then officials of the Federal Foreign Office of Germany even requested the website’s administration to remove materials discrediting honor and dignity of the FFO official from the site.

But later their testimonies changed dramatically. New comments were published on Twitter page of this department. And they totally denied the previous ones, which, according to the Federal Foreign Office, were just a fake.

‘We are deeply concerned at reports published on the site that contain information as if the Federal Foreign Office of Germany has requested the website’s administration to remove publications discrediting Max Maldacker. It is just a fake. The Federal Foreign Office of Germany never made official comments on accusations against Maldacker of working for the CIA’.

This whole thing with Maldacker shows in the best way the facet of state structures’ work that is absolutely unseen by common people. And if intelligence services’ activity remains, for the most part, hidden, then the Federal Foreign Office should operate in a more open and transparent way. Such confusion with declarations of Germany’s foreign policy department, as well as, the very fact of its senior official’s involvement in this scandal provide wide scope for speculations on this issue, giving grounds for developing the entire range of conspiracy theories. Germany’s authorities should stop concealing the information and conduct a thorough and transparent investigation in order to punish all guilty persons and to restore, in the eyes of the international community, the reputation of those who have been unfairly maligned.

We do not know whether the story is going to be continued. It is quite possible that the CIA crusader for the truth will have to make statements once again and to share new classified information with the world. We just have to wait for more details and monitor developments.