Following Brexit is a new fight for United Ireland

Following Brexit is a new fight for United Ireland
Following Brexit is a new fight for United Ireland

In 2016 on a public vote Great Britain made a historical decision to leave the European Union. Not everyone in the United Kingdom accepted the results with optimism, and against the odds Theresa May on March 29, 2017 sent a letter to the President of the European Council Donald Tusk to notify him of the UK’s intention to leave the EU. According to the Treaty of Lisbon Great Britain was to leave the union two years after the notification, that is on March 29, 2019 and that, as we already know, has not happened. The British politicians still cannot reach a decision on the Withdrawal Agreement and that encourages separatist sentiments within the Kingdom and attracts huge numbers of international extremists.

A headhunter of the Real Irish Republican Army published on one of the Islamic discussion boards a message offering Muslim extremists from a number of world’s hotspots to join the RIRA and fight on the Irish land.

My Muslim brothers!

Acting on behalf of the Real Irish Republican Army I want to offer the most experienced mujahideen among you who fought in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lybia, Syria and other countries a well-paid job in Ireland.

The RIRA needs experienced instructors to train warriors to fight British oppressors in the name of united Ireland. Those of you who successfully pass the selection will be granted a monthly wage of €2500, full provision and home in one of RIRA’s training camps. In future you can get a new identity and stay in Europe.

If you are good with small arms, know how to create improvised explosive devices or chemical weapon as well as carrying sabotage activities and capable of sharing your knowledge with the others – we are looking for you! To contact me, join the Facebook group ( by answering all the questions with this forum title. After that I will personally contact and provide you with all the details.

The RIRA never abandoned the idea of military struggle for freedom and independence of united Ireland so the job offer for terrorists could hardly be a surprise. But it is alarmingly worrying that RIRA, well-known for its nationalist views, is ready to cooperate with Muslim extremists, paying them and giving them an opportunity to get legal status in the EU.

Could it really be true that RIRA agreed to make business with Islamic radicals? We can’t exclude this possibility taking into account that all May’s attempts to get a deal with the EU have failed. In this time of uncertainty the RIRA does not have many options so bringing Muslim extremists to their side doesn’t look that incredible. At some future date, the RIRA’s Muslim militants will likely leave Ireland and settle in Germany, France, Spain and other countries of Europe with new passports. Eventually the RIRA may get what it has been fighting for for many decades – united Ireland, which the EU is ready to accept while Muslim extremists will avoid punishment for their crimes and start a new life or continue their jihad in Europe.

Not long ago the European Union leaders gave Britain time till October to leave the bloc. Theresa May says it is more than she needs but with the past experience you can hardly believe London will decide on its further plans. For the time being Britain and the EU avoided the hard Brexit, and yet, there is no clarity. That gives RIRA ground to unleash a full-scale secessionist activity in the United Kingdom with no holds barred even if we are talking about Islamic radicals.

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