Elections to the European Parliament. War against the Right

2019 European elections: rules get altered
2019 European elections: rules get altered

It became known earlier that, expecting the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament, liberal forces of the EU are giving their best to prevent right-wing parties from strengthening their position.


Swedish politician Anna Maria Corazza Bildt believes that the current alignment of forces in the EP looks ‘scarily’, and ‘only determined joint efforts’ (of center right parties and liberals) are able to check the growth of popularity of nationalist parties. Mrs Bildt recommends acting hard-line and holds to conducting information operations against most prominent representatives of the extreme rights. She cites as a successful example the experience of the German media in discrediting Markus Frohnmaier, deputy of the Bundestag from Alternative for Germany Party, who was accused of relations with Russia. Allegedly, such activities are being conducted in other countries as well with similar success.

The scandal connected with Vice-Chancellor of Austria Heinz-Christian Strache was put on an act in strict accordance with the script described by Mrs Bildt. He was accused of relations with Russia right before the elections to the European Parliament in order to deal maximum reputational damage to the Austrian Freedom Party. After that the largest national media of the EU come into action. For instance, France 24 refers to The Dossier Center with the headquarters in London funded by fugitive Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky. That is The Dossier Center exactly that provided ‘proofs’ of contacts between European politicians and Russia. In practice, it develops that such ‘documents’ can be easily produced by every MS Office user with the Russian language skills.

To put it straight, nowadays, desperate and oftentimes unlawful informational war is being made against the forces that try to defend national interests of European countries. The time for information injections is chosen the way to deprive people of the opportunity to revolve it in the mind and to force them act basing solely on emotions. Even though the information turns out to be false after the elections, it is way too late to change anything.

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