Boys in India burn puppies alive ‘just for fun’

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Boys in India burn puppies alive ‘just for fun’
Puppies burnt alive in India.

In a horrifying case of brutality against animals, three puppies were scorched to death in Andhra Pradesh, India. The incident took place in the city of Hyderabad where a group of boys decided to set the puppies on fire after playing with them for a little while.

What was most shocking was the fact that one of the sadistic individuals involved in the mutilation recorded the whole incident on his phone.In the horrifying footage, a group of boys are seen playing with the pups for sometime before they drag them by their tails and hurl them into the fire. The puppies can be heard howling and squealing while the group of boys laugh and ensure none of the pups escape the flames. As the pups try to crawl out from the fire, the boys push them right back into the flames and press them down to the ground using sticks. The boys had built the fire with leaves and other pieces of garbage in a graveyard in Hyderabad.

The footage went viral on social media circuits in India and a case was filed against the perpetrators. The police confirmed all the perpetrators to be juveniles who say they committed the crime “just for fun”.

While the definition of “fun” seems to have undergone a horrifying transformation, what is most pitiful is the state of animals in India. Animal brutalities are surely on the rise but all is not lost, as there are some animal protection organizations such as Dhyan Foundation and Gau Gyan Foundation which are working incessantly for animal protection and rehabilitation.

The world needs to take note of the animal crimes and brutalities which are on the rise in India and help to make their lives better. Along with monetary aid, writing letters and emails to concerned authorities in India in protest of such brutalities is also of high significance and great help. Let’s all come together to support our animal brethren and raise our voice against those who sin against them.

Photos of the boys before the puppies were burnt alive.

Young boys burn puppies alive in India.
Puppies burnt alive.

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