Australia clamp down on convicted terrorists


Australia clamp down on convicted terrorists
Australian flag.

Convicted terrorists in Australia could be kept in
prison after serving their sentences if they are deemed a continued
threat, according to new anti-terrorism laws announced by Prime
Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Monday.

“We are focussed constantly on the single most important obligation
of our government, which is to preserve and protect the safety of the
people,” Turnbull said.

The process would be overseen by the courts and be subject to
periodic reviews and legal appeals, Australia’s Attorney-General
George Brandis said.

It would be similar to existing laws concerning the detention of sex
offenders and violent criminals deemed an ongoing threat.

Under the proposed anti-terrorism laws, the age at which children
could be held would be lowered from 16 to 14.

A total 44 people have been charged with terrorism-related offences
in Australia since 2014, including some involved in the planning of
mass attacks on the public, Turnbull said.

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