Outsourcing iGaming Support to the Philippines


Gaming is one of the biggest growing industries in the world. With the advent of services like Twitch, playing online games has started to become a big-time business. iGaming is a wave that is taking over the world as part of this bigger storm of the future. iGaming simply is gambling or wagering money on the outcome of video games or online games. And while there is obviously a lot to celebrate in this growing new 21st-century industry, like any growing industry, it will now have certain operation type demands. Just two years ago, video games consisted of blocky, pixelated, two dimensional figures that bounced around with seemingly no regard for the basic principles of fixes. If you wanted to save too many games, you would need an additional component to store your Madden season.

Are you bored? Do you want to play with some friends? Well, you better find a house or an arcade to hang out at. The consoles we now use, our smartphones, our tablets, and our computers are so vastly superior now it really is unfathomable that we got here in just two decades time. The machines as stand- alone entities are miraculous, but when you combine them with the incredible power and connectivity of the internet, they become even more impressive machines. One would think with all of this amazing technology, and the ease of access we now have to it, we as a people would be a little more understanding when there are some minor issues. Especially with the vast majority of us are old enough to remember when things weren’t so easy. Technical support is a necessity for any company centred in this world. Certainly, though, technology is not the only thing people get upset about when it’s messed with. In fact, the biggest is probably money. When we add up the equation that equals iGaming, we now have two sensitive topics that really anger people when problems arise.

This is a catalyst for a need for on-demand, 24-7 support. A person gambling in the middle of the night isn’t looking for a call back when a problem arises. The Philippines have been building out their Business Process Outsourcing industry for the past 30 years and have grown into industry leaders. The need for 24-hour support makes outsourcing a logical choice. Building and utility costs alone will weigh on a company’s finances with a facility that runs all hours. In the world of tech support, the Philippines have truly proven themselves as first class. 20 years is a long time to build out a process and infrastructure to handle the modern world’s problems. Not only are the facilities first class, but the workforce in the Philippines is unrivalled. As a large, growing, and thus important industry, the BPO world has its pick of the litre when it comes to hiring talent. For outside companies, this is a win-win.

The labour force is well paid and well educated, but due to differences in economies, they are a more cost-effective option than keeping the process in-house. The final key competitive advantage for Filipinos is their expertise in linguistics. Philippine call centre provide English, Asian, and European language support. There’s truly no challenge they can’t handle.

The world of iGaming is growing on a global scale. To handle the needs of this, the world needs 24-7- hour customer or technical support. For this, there is no better option than outsourcing to the Philippines.

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