First Church School in the Asian Back Veld

First Church School in the Asian Back Veld
First Church School in the Asian Back Veld

Cut off from the warring and hateful world whole generations of Mountain children and yoth grow up with no modern education or outlook to develop skills that could give them opportunities outside some poorly paid manual work is a difficult mountain garden or forest.

Such was the plight of some 50 children in the first of 8 such mountain communities until their wise leader Mr Tripura engaged himself and three such communities with the liberty and outlook of trusting Christ for a better mundane and eternal future!

In January, 2019 the happy children on the photo (above) had no inkling of schooling, but in February their PAX ACADEMY SCHOOL opened for some 50 children of pre-secondary ages and their appreciative families

They have no building and and little in the way of edu-materials other than a white board and writing material. When the unpredictable mountain weather (e.g. Monsoon flooding) is reasonable they can at least get to the school run by volunteer Mrs Kay May whose sitting room and open verandah floors are theri writing desks.

Jose Tripura has visions of developing courses in Handcrafts and culture and helping the more deserving studies to higher education in the State Colleges and Universities.

Presently, some of the Mountain dwellers walk an hour to the nearest transport to find some type of employment. After a few months they received a small donation from a small rural town in the RSA and are beaming to show their thanks.

Maybe one of the readers of this article would like to add the value of one “burger-breakfast” to finance