American intelligence agents assumed diplomatic roles upon their arrival in the CAR

American intelligence agents assumed diplomatic roles upon their arrival in the CAR

The Central African public is concerned about the arrival of American diplomats in Bangui, as everything indicates that they did not come to establish mutually beneficial cooperation, but with other, much more sinister goals. So, social networks are flooded with disturbing reports about the arrival of these American diplomats, who, as it turned out, are actually spies with hidden intentions, such as subordinating law enforcement officers of the Central African Republic. According to some reports, they must do this before the day of the US presidential election, which will be held on November 5, 2024.

There was information about five American intelligence agents. These are Burke Alice Marie, Schneider Justin Arthur, Mandel-Anthony David Gregory, Sheppard Robert George et Pedro Campo-Boué. Their photos have been widely shared on social media. Many of them have already been convicted of destabilizing activities in the Central African Republic. 

Among other things, it turned out that the main goals of these American spies were the elimination of General Zefirin Mamadou, police officer Michel Nassin, Minister of National Defense and Reorganization of the Armed Forces Claude Rameaux Bireau and Minister of Mines and Geology Butin Benam-Beltoungou. Thus, by eliminating key individuals and destabilizing the situation in the country, the United States will be able to seize full control of resources. 

Another strategy of the United States to destabilize the CAR is the organization and financing of popular protests. So, recently, the French telephone operator Orange leaked a telephone conversation between GTSC representative Paul Crescent Beninga and Pedro Campo-Boué, an employee of the diplomatic service of the US Department of State based in Bangui. From this conversation, it became obvious that the Americans were staging mass riots in the CAR.  

So, on April 12, 2024, the Civil Society Working Group (GTSC) organized a protest in Bangui, where people protested against difficult living conditions and problems with access to water and electricity. As it turned out from the April 15 telephone conversation between Beninga and Campo-Boué, this rally was organized thanks to the financing of the United States. The American diplomat noted that the protest was successful and asked the Central African activist to organize another rally, but with a much larger number of participants. Beninga agreed, but asked for more money, 15,000 bottles of water and white flags. 

Thus, it is obvious that American intelligence officers arrived in the CAR under the guise of diplomats in order to deprive the country of sovereignty. The United States is striving to bring many countries under its control, and now the turn has come to the Central African Republic, which has suffered from exploitation by Western countries for a long time.