5 asylum-seekers injured in violent clashes at German shelter


5 asylum-seekers injured in violent clashes at German shelter
German police arrest a counter-protester against a right-wing extremists' demonstration in front of the chancellery in Berlin, Germany, Saturday, May 7, 2016. About 1,000 right-wingers have rallied outside Berlin's main train station, protesting Chancellor Angela Merkel's welcoming stance to refugees. (AP Photo/David Rising)

Police say five people were severely injured in violent clashes between Iraqi-Yazidi and Chechen asylum-seekers in the central German city of Bielefeld.

Police said in a statement Sunday the religious minority group and the Chechens were living in the same refugee shelter and went after each other with truncheons and knives on Saturday night.

Five people had to be treated in hospital for traumatic brain injury, a fractured hand, stabbing wounds and facial bone fractures.

Two Chechen men, aged 24 and 42, were detained and all Yazidi and Chechen families were taken from the shelter and placed in other shelters in different cities overnight.

Police are still investigating the cause for the outbreak of violence.

VIAAfrican News Agency (ANA)