South Africa Intimidation Violence Follows the Elections

South Africa Intimidation Violence Follows the Elections
Video anc supporters kill woman

The South African elections are over, and the African National Congress (ANC) party must become more proactive in dealing with the intimidation and violence. Questions are being asked if the election was indeed free and fair, and why so much intimidation was not controlled.

Intimidation is the action of menacing, terrifying scaring, threatening, or bullying somebody. This is the new practice; new initiative and controlling nature of the ANC supporters who do not need any other black ethnic group to join, advocate or promote any other political party but the ANC.

During the elections, intimidation caused the death of an innocent woman who did not vote for the ANC but for an opposing political party Congress of the People (COPE). A video circulating through social media networks and originating in from Gauteng, South Africa shows the savage type of people murdering this woman.
In the video, the women was hit, punched, knifed, hacked with a panga, kicked and assaulted until she died. She was already dead, and the hooligans continued to kick and hit her with an axe. This is outrageous and not democratic at all.

South Africa is shocked at the barbaric style in which these people murdered this woman. No decent human being would behave in such a manner. This video is also a revelation for the international community to understand the plight of the white farm murders that are viciously attacked by the savages.

The elections are over, and the ANC have gained their victory once again. The fairness is controversial and doubts circulating among observers who think it is only intimidation that gave the ANC their success. This behavior of ANC supporters displays what a savage and uncultivated country South Africa unquestionably is. Call the people ignorant, call them oppressed and blame the whole saga on apartheid because that is the only answer the South African citizens will get.

It is not ignorance, it is not oppression, and it is not apartheid that caused the death of this women. It is obvious primitive instinct that will never be controlled until the powerful ANC government realizes they have a massive problem on their hands. The officials continue to protect their families with state of the art security, alarms, armed response protection and personal body guards. They need to have this protection because their people, the savage, uneducated, devils spawn will kill them if they continue to ignore their existence.

The world knows the tragedy of the Lonmin Mine attacks at Marikana that leveled the death total to 34. Tragically, this morning, another two miners were killed. The miners reported for work at the strike-hit platinum mine and in a traumatic incident lost their lives. Two innocent people, who wanted to work, earn some income and try to maintain a average lifestyle were intimidated, assaulted and killed because the striking miners did not want them to work. How sad is this, once again, intimidation is causing the death of innocent people?

The ANC supporters have not only just begun their intimidation and murdering spree, it started a while back. During October 2013, some Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) were intimidated and ended up fighting in the streets of the Diepsloot Township. EFF supporters were heard shouting, “If you are an ANC person voting for Zuma, you are not to be trusted.” Of course, this continued to promote clashes between the supporters of the different political parties.

The world cannot stand by and do nothing; it is time to realize there is a chaotic situation in South Africa. Does the world need to continue to listen to these pompous black activists lecture white people about covert racism or white privilege? This horrific act of violence in the video depicts the blacks in their natural habitat.

By Laura Oneale

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