Asan Series : Prarambhik -Asans (part 1)

By Yogi Ashwini

The different systems of the body like the muscular, skeletal, nervous or excretory work together in tandem to keep the body and it’s functioning in harmony. To keep the body disease-free, its important to stop its manifestation in the physical body as soon as possible.

Disease first manifests in the pranic layer also referred as the aura. The clairvoyants at Dhyan Ashram describe this layer in the form of colours, a grosser colour indicating disease. If prevention is taken at this stage then the disease would not manifest in the physical body. Sanatan Kriya details the techniques to do this. The asans that we will discuss today are called the prarambhik stihi and prepare the body of the practitioner for higher practices of yog and ensure that one exudes a healthy glowing disease free body.

Sit with your legs outstretched. Ensure that the back is straight and both legs and heels are joined together. Place the palms on the ground next to your hip, fingers pointing away from the body.


Gently inhale and push your toes towards the ground pointing downwards. Hold for a count of seven. Exhaling, bend them in the reverse direction. Repeat this seven times.

Maintaining the same posture, rotate your feet in a clockwise direction inhaling in half of the rotation and exhaling in the other half. Repeat this seven times in clockwise motion followed by anticlockwise seven times. Its vital to synchronise your breath with each rotation.

Next, keeping right leg stretched, bend the left leg and place the ankle on the thigh of the stretched leg. Support the left ankle with your left hand and hold the toes of the left foot with your right hand. Rotate the left ankle seven times in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction each. Inhale in half rotation and exhale in the other half. Repeat this on the other leg.

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These seemingly simple rotations play an important role in removing the energy blockages in the various joints that are rotated. It is advisable to keep your eyes closed and maintain the internal awareness of the body part that is being rotated to ensure maximum benefit.

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