Zenit M camera demonstrated for the first time in China

Zenit M camera demonstrated for the first time in China
Zenit M camera demonstrated for the first time in China

Shvabe holding (part of Rostec) and the Krasnogorsk plant named after S. A.  Zverev have presented the Zenit M camera and Zenitar 0,95/50 lens for the first time at the Photo & Imaging Shanghai 2019 exhibition. Over the past year, these designs have become the key exhibits at the largest international photography and optics technology exhibitions.

The digital rangefinder camera Zenit M is a joint design of the Krasnogorsk plant named after S. A. Zverev (KMZ, part of Shvabe) and the German premium-class camera and optics manufacturer Leica Camera AG. Its ergonomic design is based on the look of the legendary cameras.

The camera is capable of conducting continuous shooting at a speed of three frames per second, recording Full HD video at 25 frames per second and changing the light sensitivity in the range from 100 to 6,400 ISO. As in the original Leica M model, its focusing is done manually.

The model comes with a new generation Zenitar 35 mm f/1.0 lens, which is designed and manufactured in Russia. The lens creates a unique bokeh image with a soft focus effect.

“The exhibition in the largest city and financial center of China is a new platform for our plant. I would like to point out, that we are not only showing the products of our company, but also demonstrating the potential of modern Russian photography technology to our Asian colleagues. We strive for continuous development, demonstrating to the participants of global market that KMZ cameras and lenses, well known abroad since Soviet times, are worthy successors of their legendary ancestors”, pointed out the CEO of KMZ Vadim Kalyugin.

The Zenitar 0.95 / 50 camera lens exhibited in Shanghai allows taking images with natural color reproduction and high detail. Thanks to its ultra-high luminosity, the f/0.95 allows to take high-quality images even in low light conditions. This is also the first model in the KMZ lens line equipped with a Sony E-mount for mirrorless cameras.

Also, among the products on display are others lenses of the Zenitar and Helios line with mounts for modern camera systems – Canon, Nikon, Sony and others.