Why The Benefits of Samsung AddWash™ Really Do Add Up

Why The Benefits of Samsung AddWash™ Really Do Add Up
Why The Benefits of Samsung AddWash Really Do Add Up

A healthy home is a happy home. By promoting excellent hygiene throughout the house and introducing new levels of comfort and cleanliness to daily chores, Samsung’s premium appliances make it easier for families to maintain a healthier home. However, the best-loved appliances also save you time, money and they do this effortlessly. That’s why Samsung’s AddWash™ Front Loader Washers make so much sense.

Designed with Health in Mind

Thankfully, the eco-friendly ECO Drum Clean technology featured in Samsung’s washing machines, including its AddWash and FlexWash lines, eliminates offensive odours by eradicating 99 percent of contaminants* from the washing machines themselves – without using detergents. Contaminants include waste from previous washes, as well as from food, residual detergent, dirt and tap water. If left unchecked, this waste can foster the growth of up to 14 different germs and 12 different moulds in a typical washer.

Built for Convenience

Designed with water and energy conservation in mind, Samsung also considered the frustrating scenario of getting a load up and running, then discovering a few items of clothing that didn’t make it into the machine. Instead of having to wash a second load, this water and energy-sapping process is eliminated with the innovative AddWash™ functionality. It lets you simply and quickly add forgotten clothes and items after a cycle has already started. That random sock that tries to escape the wash, may not appreciate this feature.

Made To Save the World And Your Wallet

In order to further save on energy, AddWash™ Front Loader Washers feature a Digital Inverter Motor, which delivers superior energy efficiency, minimal noise and long-lasting performance. Adding to those benefits, Samsung’s Eco Bubble technology delivers powerful cleaning, even at low temperatures, without the heater being activated, compared to conventional front loaders that require the heater to activate detergent. Your detergent is dissolved and is turned into bubbles, so it quickly penetrates the fabric and removes dirt easily, while protecting the fabric and saving energy.

Doing laundry in a 12kg model is also made easier with Samsung’s innovative smart features. Smart Control allows for remote control and monitoring of washing using a smartphone App – the SmartThings App. From anywhere inside or outside the house, you can instantly start or pause a load of washing and monitor cycle selections, check the remaining time and receive finishing alerts.

Clearly, the benefits of Samsung AddWash™ really do add up.

*Tested in Korea test lab (FITI/KEMTI) and Japan test lab (ITEA). Data has been measured under specific testing conditions and results may vary based on environmental factors. Tested in Kitasato Environmental Science Center (Japan)