Why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing in 2020?

Why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing in 2020?
Why Digital Marketing is better than Traditional Marketing in 2020?

Why Digital Marketing is Better than Traditional Marketing in 2020

In today’s digital world, growing your business requires more than just the traditional business approach. To help you reach out to a bigger audience, you need to use a more advanced approach in marketing. If the usual marketing techniques are doing well, you should also check out how digital marketing can help you grow your business exponentially by getting you closer to more potential clients, not just within your area, but from anywhere around the world. Let’s look further into why digital marketing is better than traditional marketing, especially this 2020.

What is Traditional Marketing?

Marketing comes in different forms. It is considered traditional if it is not done online, meaning promoting a brand through print, direct mail, broadcast, phone, poster, or billboard. These forms of marketing help reach out to a specific set of audiences within a certain demographic but are limited only to those who get to see, hear, or read a certain type of media. It is the oldest form of marketing and it has proven to work as it is now a part of our daily lives. It’s in the newspapers you read in the morning, the commercials that you watch on TV as well as the billboards that you pass by as you drive along the road.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a general term for different forms of marketing strategies that are implemented digitally. It comes in different forms, including email, instant messages, social media marketing ads, promotional posts, PPC, SEO, and more. Given the ever-growing number of internet users and online businesses, it has become a very popular form of marketing. Nowadays, the digital marketing craze has been growing rapidly, especially on various social media platforms. It only makes sense considering the fact that there are about 4 billion active social media users nowadays. With that big an audience, you are bound to find the right people who will be interested in your brand.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Both digital and traditional marketing have their advantages and disadvantages. If you need to choose only one, there are a number of factors for you to consider.

Target audience. For you to effectively market your brand to your audience, you will need to consider where and how you can reach out to them. Will print ads and TV commercials do better? Or would promoting your brand online be a better approach?

Type of products or services. To make your marketing more effective, you should also think about the products and services you are offering. Are your products digital? Do you have a physical store? Do they need to walk in or can your customers order online? You need to see to it that your marketing approach is relevant to what your brand represents.

Budget. How much money do you have available for your marketing? The marketing style that you choose should also depend on how much your budget is. Most of the traditional marketing strategies require a bigger budget since they usually involve the use of printed and tangible marketing materials. On the other hand, digital marketing strategies can be flexibly priced to suit your needs, depending on the size of the audience that you want to reach out to and the specific method that you want to use.

Manpower. Another factor to consider is the size of your marketing team. Traditional marketing usually requires a larger number of people, while digital marketing can be done by at least one, depending on the strategies you will be implementing.

With so many forms of marketing strategies to implement, and with almost everyone in the world now becoming more digitally-inclined, it has become a lot easier for most businesses to reach out to more audiences through digital marketing strategies. There’s social media marketing, search engine optimization, online ads placement, and a few other strategies that brands can easily choose from or implement altogether. No matter how you prefer to promote your brand, you will always have the opportunity to reach out to more people and find more prospective clients for your brand.

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become a preferable strategy for most brands and marketers. Considering the world we are in right now, with more and more people choosing to shop for products or services online, digital marketing has become the more effective method of expanding a brand’s reach and getting connected to the right audience. Here are some of the benefits of implementing digital marketing:


Compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is the best choice, especially for startups and small businesses that have limited funds. Marketing through social media, search engines, and other websites can have as much impact as that of traditional marketing for a smaller cost.


Another good thing about digital marketing is that it is easy to modify to suit your needs and budget. It can be easily scaled up or down without having to go through too much hassle, unlike traditional marketing. Since digital marketing requires less paperwork and less involvement by a multitude of people, it’s more flexible and a lot easier to manage.

Higher ROI

Return of investment matters to all businesses, big or small. With digital marketing, you get to experience a bigger return with even just a little spending. By improving your website’s SEO, sending out marketing emails, using a Facebook or Instagram growth service, or simply by posting social media posts, you can easily promote your brand without having to spend a large amount of money.


One of the most useful aspects of digital marketing is the ease of tracking and measuring. Compared with traditional marketing, it’s a lot easier to monitor the performance of your online ads and promotions. If you use online and social media marketing, you can take advantage of the many marketing apps and tools available online, making it easier for you to understand your target market, your competitors, and how to keep improving your marketing strategies.

Digital marketing has definitely paved a way for businesses to grow exponentially in an easier and more efficient manner. By using and combining the right digital marketing strategies, you will find out that it is the better choice as compared to traditional marketing.