What Are The Essentials To Look For in Anti Phishing Software?

The world is aware of just how much damage a phishing attack could cause to a person or a business entity. With the increase in phishing attacks and the trials, the enterprises are facing because of it, the focus has shifted to finding better email security solutions to counter and block the phishing attacks.

If you are looking for antiphishing software, here are some of the things you will need to know to have a better idea about choosing the right email security system for the business enterprise.

Each business enterprise uses a different email system for daily communication. Exchange, Microsoft Office 365, and G Suite are some of the most widely used systems. Let us see how an anti phishing software should work with each of these systems.


  1. The email security system once integrated into the system should automatically scan all the internal and external emails and alert the users about the suspicions emails.
  2. Spam, malware, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, are detected and the malicious emails are quarantined before they get a chance to spread the virus in the system.
  3. The email security system would be built on a cloud and runs from the cloud platform. This keeps the system from being detected by the scammers.
  4. The software can be easily integrated into any of the existing systems in a matter of minutes. That fact that it can start functioning as soon as it is deployed makes it the most preferred email security solution.
  5. The Zero Day Attacks are detected and blocked before the scammers have a chance to dupe the employees.

Office 365

  1. Office 365 is a scammer’s favorite as it provides certain features to the employees which makes it an easy target.
  2. The users can access and use Microsoft Office 365 in just about any device and with any internet connection. This makes it easier for the criminals to bypass the existing security system provided Microsoft and send fraudulent emails to the users without being detected.
  3. The use of advanced artificial intelligence to detect and block the phishing emails can keep the users safe from the threats.
  4. The codes and images of every email are scanned to check if they are original or fake.
  5. Any suspicious email is tagged as malicious/ suspicious/ fraud and the user is alerted.
  6. The email security system uses banners to alert and educate users. With every email, a banner pops up on the screen notifying the user if the email is safe or not.
  7. As Office 365 can be used anywhere, the email security system also works in any location and on any device.
  8. One click or touch of a button will report and block the malicious emails.

G Suite

  1. G Suite is yet another commonly used communication system in the industry.
  2. The email security system uses machine learning and computer vision technology to detect fraudulent emails before the employees fall prey to the scammers.
  3. Machine learning is a concept in which the behavioral patterns of employees and brands are analyzed brand profiling is done to see if a particular email has been sent by the person/ entity or if it was sent by an imposter.
  4. Computer vision sees the emails for any changes in the domain name of the emails. Most of the time, the scammers make minute changes to the domain names to impersonate the brand. This may not be detected by the human eye but it will be detected by the email security software.
  5. The URLs are analyzed, and the emails that come from external sources claiming to be from an employee are successfully detected. The user is warned about the same.
    When looking for antiphishing software, it is important to see how easy it would be for the employees and management to use the system.

The best email security software is the one which comprehensively covers all the areas that need protection and can be undetected by the scammers so that they cannot find ways to bypass the protection filters keeping the employees safe from a phishing attack.