What are the benefits of a OnePlus Nord CE 5G mobile?

What are the benefits of a OnePlus Nord CE 5G mobile?
What are the benefits of a OnePlus Nord CE 5G mobile?

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G quite made it’s name in the market while launching in last July and being the most affordable phone in the OnePlus line till now. It is among the few phones that offer the 5G service in under Rs.30,000 which is definitely mine doing and along with such a lot of amazing features and the whole look of the mobile. The CE in the name of the mobile phone stands for core edition as it proves to provide with all the basic necessity and features required and looked up to while people look forward to buy in common.

Price and storage

The price of OnePlus Nord CE 5G starts from ₹22,999/- to ₹27,999/- as the mobile phone comes in three variants of RAM and storage. First variant being the base of 6GB RAM and 128GB storage and the second variant being of 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage with the highest of the models being the 12GB RAM and 256GB internal storage .


No doubt that One Plus mobile phones are always smart looking and the OnePlus Nord CE 5G has the perfect looks too. It officially launched in Blue Void Colour, Charcoal Ink finish and Silver Ray. The smartphone is quite handy enough and easier to hold while typing. The phone weighs around 170 g and its sickness is about 7.9 MM.


The OnePlus Nord CE 5G has a display that measures around 6.43 inches with a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels 410 PPI with aspect ratio of 20:9. It is a AMOLED display with 90 HZ refresh rate. The display has also made way for front selfie camera. The viewing experience with this display is quite satisfying for the user for all activities and functions. The in display finger print sensor sensors the touch quickly and accurately.

Battery life

The OnePlus Nord CE 5G Has a 5G refresh rate set to 90Hz. The smartphone seems to have a good battery capacity with the power of 4500MAH Which can last up to a day or even more than that depending on medium to heavy usage. The smartphone also supports fast charging and provides with 30W Warp Charge 30T Plus charger. Many reviews from customers also state that the smartphone can be charged up to a hundred percent about in an hour.


The OnePlus Nord CE 5G has a triple camera set up Which is of 64 megapixel +8 megapixel +2 megapixel Along with front camera of 12 megapixel. The camera is fantastic when it comes to clicking pictures in Ultra wide angle and in daylight delivering pictures with best quality and clarity. The OnePlus Nord CE 5G so features many modes while clicking pictures such as portrait and depth effects.


With the given price the OnePlus Nord CE 5G perfectly works well and delivers you all the core edition features and benefits as promised. With white variety of variants available is even easier for someone to choose cording to the requirements and budget. With the set up of triple camera at the rear the smartphone has worked quite enough on the camera part. By timely updating your smartphone with the required software updates it will work perfectly fine and with the most smooth functioning. Even if the mention price is not in your budget you can always choose to buy a second hand mobile phone or a refurbished one of OnePlus Nord CE 5G from a verified website such as quickmobile.in

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