Want to get your WordPress SEO correct? Avoid these SEO mistakes


Are you new to SEO? Trying to find out ways to have your WordPress site optimized? If yes, then SEO for WordPress can be a daunting task. You’re not alone here. SEO can appear to be tricky. However, when approached with the right know-how and aptitude, it can work in favor of your WordPress site. Written in PHP, this CMS is easy to use and is also SEO friendly.  However, most WordPress users go ahead and use this CMS, without having any formal training in PHP. But just in case you want to dabble in WordPress plug-ins, themes, and other default settings, then it’s essential to have the necessary know-how on PHP, in addition to CSS and HTML.

Every company or a start-up having their site on WordPress wants to deploy the best SEO initiatives. However, sometimes few errors occur on the way. Here are a few crucial ones that you can avoid.

  • Selecting the correct theme

Do you recall the way you selected your WordPress theme when you were designing your website? Chances are you have selected the theme that is virtually attractive. You probably thought it would appeal to your end users.

There is another mistake most people make. It is selecting the most used or premium theme. Most think this to be a quick fix to a successful website, but it is a significant mistake. Majority of the complicated themes contain poor coding which makes your site very sluggish. Though the loading time is a minor aspect, it is a crucial element that impacts SEO ranks.

Hence, it is essential that you select a theme that complements your website’s nature. Minimalistic WordPress themes have shown excellent results for several companies. Don’t forget to keep a tab on the theme updates. When you follow an outdated theme, it will bring your site down.

  • Manage the plug-ins effectively

If you want to boost your SEO, WordPress plug-ins are always beneficial. However, make sure that you don’t overdo it as it makes your website heavy. Want to enhance your website’s user experience and improve your site ranking? If yes, then you ought to select and install the plug-ins that are compatible with your website.

Several plug-ins usually occupy vast server resources. Hence, several managed WordPress hosts typically don’t enable websites having excess resources.

  • Link stuffing went wrong

One of the essential SEO tactics is adding links to a site. It hugely boosts website ranking. Several themes come with pre-set links. However, this might go wrong in two ways:

  • Excess stuffing: Anything that is overdone is not favorable. The same applies for adding links. When there are excess links, it can merely distract your online visitors. It can result in increased bounce rates as well. The idea count is to have just about 20 links. It will keep you in check.
  • Pointless stuffing: Content relevancy is more important to your readers than you can fathom. So, make sure to provide relevant and original content which your customers will love to browse and read. It will naturally result in increased rankings.

If you are in Houston and need help in this, you can reach out to professional Houston SEO experts and get the help that you desire.

  • The problem with sitemaps

Generally, a WordPress website doesn’t provide you with adequate controls and features. Hence, it is crucial for you to opt-in for SEO plug-ins. And most of it has zero scopes for sitemaps. You also have the chance to generate several sitemaps by opting in for additional plug-ins to enable you more control on your site.

However, there’s a small concern here. Majority of people often forget to give their sitemaps at the Google Search Console. The moment that takes place, search engines don’t identify you anymore. You might be using customized plug-ins, but your visibility is bound to get down.

  • When the Schema goes for a toss

Schema markup is the main code that enables Google as well as other search engines to figure out the content of your website. You can add in your NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number), in a way that Google can move through its algorithms and showcase your WP website if it recognizes the local significance. Hence, this is the most crucial thing that assists Google to understand more about you and your products and services.

It enhances your online visibility and ranking. However, if there’s any mistake, it can go against you. It completely confuses Google.

The apt way to manage this situation is to have the in-depth know-how on the way Schema works. Multiple online resources are available for you to browse through and learn. To start with, you may want to have a look at the “Organization of Schema” page to check-out for a list of the most usual kinds of schema mark up.

  • Overlooking the aspect of alt text images

Most WordPress users concentrate on optimizing text content and overlooking the same for pictures. It is one huge mistake to take note of and avoid. So go ahead and ensure that your images have proper descriptions and names as this will help to enhance the website accessibility, functionality and thus the ranking.

Hence, if you have carelessly neglected this aspect, go ahead and rename all the images and add apt descriptions. One tool to use here is the Images WordPress Plug-In.

  • When the permalinks are done wrong

Regardless, of the data available on permalinks online, this is a critical subject. Getting it correct is a tough job. And if you get it wrong, your website naturally gets affected. Here’s the best solution. The apt permalink enables you to add in two fundamental but essential aspects, such as category and post name. It allows the visitors and search engines to understand what your site is all about.

If it’s your first attempt at a WordPress site and SEO, then you will take some time to get pro at it. In the meantime, you will also have to concentrate on other website development aspects. Getting your SEO correct is undoubtedly the ultimate objective and in doing that it is essential to steer clear of the SEO mistakes people usually make on WordPress.

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