Vizio vs Samsung 2022

Vizio vs Samsung 2022
Vizio vs Samsung

In the early stage, the TV could only display black and white images, and the screen size of the TV was also very small even smaller than the table that we use today. Over the period, the TV screen has become bigger and bigger, and the improved technology put colors on black and white screens. Modern TVs are coming with high resolutions, sharper images, and high dynamic range along with curved and flat screens. The reason behind this revolution is to improve users’ viewing experience and engage them to spend more time watching TV.

TV shopping and if you are looking for a wider screen can be confusing if you are going through all aspects like screen sizes, smart TV features, and screen resolution options. Picking the right TV at a low price can end up with off brand television that might not give you the features that you want. With the cheap brand, you face built-quality and poor color issues. Comparing top television brands like Vizio vs Samsung can you which features you should look into more.

Samsung is the most reputable brand in the world. Whereas, Vizio also get huge fame in the consumer TV market.

Quick Comparison of Vizio vs Samsung TV

Before we dive into the comparison between Samsung and Vizio. Let’s do a basic overview of these tech giants. Vizio is a younger company in comparison to Samsung. It was founded in 2002 in the USA whereas Samsung was founded in South Korea in 1938 and it has been listed as the 8th highest valuable company in the world.

Face to Face Features

Image Processor

The most recent technology in Samsung TV was the Quantum processor. From 2021 the company has launched their new processor named Neo Quantum processor and the most current 4K and 8K TVs of Samsung are coming with this process. This efficient processor use AI upscaling technology that delivers a higher dynamic range and crisp image quality.

Whereas, Vizio uses Vizio IQ Active image processors in their smart TVs. Vizio claims it is a capable TV processor, it can enhance color details and reduce noise in images. But it is callous for Vizio to win against tech giant Samsung. While focusing on crucial processing features, Samsung has a much better image processing system.

Panel Technology

Vizio has been using LED panels in all its TVs for more than more one decade. LED technology use LEDs through the colors is projected on the screen. LED TVs generally have thinner screens and they are energy-efficient. However, the LED TV does not provide rich colors like QLED TV.

For more than 10 years, Samsung has been installing QLED panels in all smart TVs. QLED allows Samsung to deliver deeper black and sharp colors from their TVs. This technology has successfully solved the problems of LCD TVs and it is an upgrade version of OLED panel technology.

Motion Technology

Samsung uses the most advanced motion technology. In Samsung TVs, you can get 100% response with the required blur behind moving objects. Samsung TVs are not flicker-free but still, you will not see any annoying flickers during high resolutions videos.

Vizio also uses brilliant motion technology with better response times in their LED TVs. The OLED models of Vizio are not impressive however still deliver pretty good response times. The response time on all Vizio LED and OLED TVs are slower than Samsung TVs which makes a clear win for Samsung.

Black Level / Contrast Ratio

All Vizio TVs deliver a high native contrast ratio. The viewing experience in dark scenes is much better than in Samsung, Vizio TVs can produce deep and uniform blacks.

Whereas Samsung TVs also provide a brilliant contrast ratio, however, it is lower than Vizio panels. In this category, Vizio is a clear winner.


Vizio and Samsung TVs both come with an option to allow wide color gamuts. This enables them to offer brilliant DCI P3 coverage that is key for HDR videos. Vizio TVs are better at delivering a wider color gamut because they can have greater coverage of the wider color space.

Samsung TVs are more advanced at offering a greater color volume whereas most Vizio models are failed to better bright colors. However, the contrast ratio allows them to deliver saturated and deep dark colors. On the other side, Samsung hassle to produce dark colors. According to this, there is a tie between Vizio and Samsung TVs.


These two brands give tough competition to each other. However, it is not tough to decide which manufacturer is better depending on preferences and budget. Samsung has built a reputation for making premium-price and high-quality TVs. While Vizio has been in the business for 2 years and this company has become one of the top-selling flat-screen TVs in the USA. You will find Vizio TV is cheaper than Samsung TV. But in terms of image quality and dynamic range, Samsung has the most advanced technology and a wider range of TVs.