Virtual PBX: What Is It and How Can It Be Useful to Your Company

Virtual PBX: What Is It and How Can It Be Useful to Your Company
Virtual PBX: What Is It and How Can It Be Useful to Your Company

Companies are beginning  to realize that they must improve the quality of their calls by taking full advantage of the newest technological advances telecommunication has to offer, such as virtual PBX. Many entrepreneurs use phone services such as a virtual PBX to have clear and efficient conversation with a client whenever he needs it. Others use it along with a call center software to create effective marketing campaigns. 

For this reason, many companies use virtual PBX systems to carry out the development of services in the most efficient and convenient way possible. However, not everyone knows exactly a virtual PBX is, so: what is a virtual PBX?

A virtual phone system such as a virtual PBX (Private Branch Exchange) could be defined as an advanced IP telephony system that uses a fixed number, whether it’s a previous or new phone number, that is used online in order to take calls. You can use any device connected to the internet, such as a  computer, smartphone, tablet, or landline. Even when you are not next to your landline phone in your office, you may still be reached easily from one of your other devices. By using a virtual PBX, both the company image and the quality of your phone calls will be improved.

For example, if you ever expect an emergency phone call from a loyal customer, but you are not in the office at the moment, a virtual PBX phone system has you covered. An extension is created so that phone calls can be answered from your cell phone instead .

A few years ago, the use of physical PBX phone systems were common. Companies had to make a large investment due to the high cost involved in installing it. Many of the companies could not afford it, so customer service calls decreased considerably, making it impossible to receive positive  feedback for customer service.

Do physical PBX systems offer the same as a virtual PBX system? The answer it no. 

A virtual PBX system does not need any additional equipment.  

The virtual PBX has multiple functions that solve all of the issues a company can imagine.

Features of a Virtual PBX

Transfer Calls to Different Devices:  For a cost significantly lower than hosted PBX services or physical IP phone systems, calls from a physical line are more likely to disconnect or drop calls.

Locations:  Many virtual PBX systems offer personalized services to be able to welcome the callers among many other options, making this a more efficient service that will bring loyalty from your customers..  

Options Menu:  Normally, when we call a company over the phone, we are given a list of options to choose from. For example, we can dial 1 for HR, or 2 for accounting. However, there is also the possibility of waiting on hold in holders waiting on hold or in a queue, in an effort to keep likes shorter.

Schedule:  To be able to attend all calls and not leave any caller unsatisfied, the virtual PBX can be make custom configurations in order to establish a schedule in which the employer is available to answer calls.   

Call transferring: If you have phone lines or extensions associated with the virtual PBX, the calls can be transferred to any of them.  

Privacy: Companies that offer this type of service will change how businesses make calls. With a virtual number, it is not necessary to provide your personal phone number. By handing out a virtual number, you can comfortably separate your work life from your private life.   

Advantages of a Virtual PBX 

  1. Less Costs: Because there isn’t a need to have any specialized equipment to be updated and maintained, your costs for installations and physical IP phones are cut completely. Calls are received on the cellphone or computer that you use every day. By saving a considerable amount of money,  the virtual PBX service is a lot more comfortable. 
  2. Adaptability: A virtual PBX is able to adapt to the needs and wants of the company. The communication quality, such as its HD audio, allows the company to give the professional image it desires. Additionally, calls can be reconfigured or answered in the office or in any other places that the company may be located. 
  3. Communicate from Anywhere: In order for a company to function today, it is essential that they have a stable internet connection. Therefore, if a company uses a virtual PBX, the company can be connected anywhere without losing any calls as long as they still have internet. This also helps generate an international image if employees are located all over.  

The advantages offered by a virtual PBX are unmatched. The benefits are endless. Among them, we can highlight a few of the following benefits:  

  • Improved Telephone Service: With a virtual phone system, a company can answer all the calls that they receive since their calls can be answered from multiple devices. This establishes a higher rate in customer satisfaction. 
  • Provides a Professional Image: With the numerous personalization options, the virtual PBX service will welcome a call with a greeting or with an options menu. Not only does this help organize where calls are directed to, it makes the business appear larger and well established. 
  • High-quality Phone Service: Virtual PBX services allow mobility and greater flexibility, thanks to the ability of answering calls on any device. No more unanswered calls.
  • It Offers an International Image: Many companies that offer a virtual PBX service also allow you to create a phone number with a foreign area code so you can appear as if you are calling from a different country. If a company has different offices in different countries, they will be connected through the virtual IP phone system. Currently, having an international presence is very useful trying to reach clients at a global scale. As a product of globalization, you can now reach locations that do not offer your products or services.  

The possibilities that a virtual PBX can offer is endless. Thanks to its innovative efforts in being the best possible phone system, companies can now benefit from all of its features. 

Markets are more competitive now than ever.  To become successful in the global market, your technology must be up to date. Thanks to the newest form of IP phone systems, the virtual PBX, calls can be answered wherever you are, no matter where that happens to be. 

Emma Smith, PR and content manager at Fonvirtual provides companies and entrepreneurs with virtual services. I’m interested in digital marketing, technology and international logistics. I enjoy writing for blogs where I spread the word of telecom services in international business.