Using a VPN While Traveling: Benefits and How to Choose Best VPN

Using a VPN While Traveling: Benefits and How to Choose Best VPN
Using a VPN While Traveling: Benefits and How to Choose Best VPN. Image source:

If you are like many travellers, you want to be connected to the internet while moving from destination to the other. Sometimes internet connection is for enjoyment. At other times you really need it to accomplish your travel objectives. For instance, you may need to book for flights online or search for directions to places you have never been.

Finding open public Wi-Fi is such a convenient relief to your connectivity concerns while on the move. But there’s one thing that travelers should always remember: your internet security is as important as your physical safety as you travel. Using VPN is one of most effective cybersecurity measures corporations as well as individuals take.

Why use a VPN when traveling? What is the best VPN for travel? By the end of this writeup, you will get comprehensive answers to these questions.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a subscription service that enables you private and secure web access. It routs your connection to any desired server and encrypts your data thus hiding your online activity from hackers who might be attempting to steal and use your data maliciously.

Reasons for Using VPN While Traveling

  • Stay safe on public and semi-public Wi-Fi: Most public Wi-Fis are usually unsecured. A VPN encrypts your connection to the web and turns any unsecured networks into secure and private ones. If someone on the network tries to intercept your activity and data, they will only see encryption keys that they cannot decipher. Your bank details, payment card numbers, emails, usernames, passwords, browser cookies and other sensitive information about you are safe when using a VPN.
  • Access geo-restricted content: You have probably experienced ‘geo-blocking’ at some time while trying to access a site or use a service such as Netflix. Using a VPN can help you surpass regional restrictions. For example, if you are from the US and want to access a service that is ordinarily accessible to UK viewers only, simply set your VPN to a UK location and access the service.
  • Stay social: Who doesn’t want to store or share the beautiful moments and stunning views of various attractions during a tour? If you are visiting countries like China, Bangladesh, Iran, and North Korea, you may not be able to use some social media platforms because these countries’ governments have put restrictions on selected platforms. But with a VPN you can trick the servers to think that you are in another country where access to social media is unrestricted. Enjoy your social life anywhere in the world with a reliable VPN.
  • Cheaper traveling with VPN: Airlines and flight comparison sites offer different prices for flights to people buying them from different locations. Changing IP addresses to locations from which you can find cheaper flight rates is a great way to save money when traveling.

The Best VPN for traveling

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Getting a reliable VPN provider involves careful consideration of your needs. As you browse through different VPNs, check the following features and see how best they fit your needs:

  • Compatibility with the platforms you use: Can you use the VPN on your iPhone, Android or Windows device? Ensure you download a VPN app that is compatible with the platform your device uses.
  • No extra fees or any restriction for connection to different devices: It is common for travelers to carry along their phones, tablets and laptops for keeping up with work or other important commitments. You want a VPN service that doesn’t limit the number of devices you can connect to your VPN account simultaneously, or doesn’t charge extra for simultaneous logins.
  • In how many countries does the VPN work? Some governments block VPNs. Check the countries that allow the use of the VPN you are considering.
  • Speed of the VPN: VPN speeds are influenced by a number of factors including distance to servers, how overloaded the network you are using is, bandwidth restrictions, etc. Using the trial version of a VPN will help you make a good evaluation of the speed of the VPN in different locations.
  • Autoconnect feature: You can forget to turn on your VPN and risk exposing your connection when using unsecured Wi-Fi. An autoconnect feature takes this worry from you. When enabled, this feature turns on the VPN immediately your device connects to a Wifi network, ensuring that you are always protected.

Using a VPN when traveling is quite simple. You just need to download your desired VPN app, install it on your device, and start it after your device is connected to the internet. With just one click you are able to choose an endpoint (server). Great VPNs offer a variety of endpoints. The whole process of downloading, installing and selecting an endpoint can take a little as 2 minutes. With knowledge on the benefits of using a VPN while traveling and how to choose the best for your traveling needs, there is no reason to travel without one in a world where cybercrime is in its all-time high.