Top Capabilities and Benefits of Video Intercom Systems

Top Capabilities and Benefits of Video Intercom Systems
Top Capabilities and Benefits of Video Intercom Systems

Video intercom systems are highly beneficial for the simple reason that they serve as reliable, scalable solutions. Master Stations, Door Stations, and Emergency Stations also integrate easily with a variety of accessories. Watch a live feed on a mobile app!

Noteworthy capabilities of these systems are as follows:

  1. All-in-One Solution. Security solutions include Access Control, CCTV, Video Intercom, and Intrusion System. The Video Intercom Door Station works in the form of an additional IP camera within a connected NVR to store all recordings. An additional video surveillance IP camera added to an Intercom Indoor Station is available for viewing through the indoor panel. The Outdoor Intercom Station supports access control functionality to apply multiple authentications. Access control events, including card numbers, short video clips, logs, and others, offer wider assistance. Also, it helps generate an in-out report for these events. Also, there are options to add various detectors or intrusion systems. Users receive push notifications to a smartphone app.
  2. Access Control and Alarm Function

Video intercom system with access control functions lets visitors use it as an access control card at a door station card reader. There will be an option for visually recording all successful entries using access control cards. Upload to the platform center. Indoor stations connected with sensors for eight zones offer wider assistance to residents.

  1. Remote Access

Modern intercom systems offer remote access. Most systems offer remote access using an internet connection to establish a link with mobile devices via an app. Regardless of where you are in the world, data service or Wi-Fi lets you access and use your intercom systems right from your phone. Most popular intercom systems offer remote access guaranteeing the freedom and flexibility of a wireless system.

  1. Video Calling

Video intercoms are gaining momentum as they help increase the security of establishments by allowing users to see exactly who’s there with the help of video calls. There is no need to rely on audio alone.

  1. Scalability

Installing an intercom system helps the business and homeowners to cut costs for the installation of the additional systems. Installation of the additional stations requires intense rewiring or reconfiguring. Add more stations to your intercom system without much difficulty when you have updated intercom systems.

Benefits you get with the Intercom systems

  • Discreetly Reporting Intruders

You can easily and discreetly report unwanted visitors to authorities by just going through the output of the monitoring systems.

  • Improved Inter-office Communication

Video intercom systems offer room for customization to facilitate communication between offices. Voice and video support allow staff to communicate much more effectively than by email or voice calls.

  • Prevention of Crime

Video surveillance or intercom technology discourages would-be thieves or vandals. The criminals usually don’t want to leave visual evidence of themselves. When they notice these systems installed, they will think twice before trespassing on your well-secured property.

  • Access Control

Video intercom systems restrict areas within your building. You don’t have to keep relying on key cards that are usually vulnerable to getting lost or stolen. Rather add another level of security to your business.

  • Management solutions

Video intercom system offers a cloud-based management platform that is a highly impeccable Feature for property managers or building owners. These systems are favorable for getting access to building and tenant information. The management team also gets the option to easily update and edit tenant information. Also, these entities help with viewing entry logs or grant access to the maintenance team remotely.

Final words

Choose an office intercom system loaded with a range of features. These systems offer the flexibility your business needs. Rest assured that these systems are equipped with the future-proof technology to keep your organization safe, secure, and sustainable.