Top 7 Photo Editing Apps for Instagram – Always Post Beautiful Images to Increase Followers!

Top 7 Photo Editing Apps for Instagram – Always Post Beautiful Images to Increase Followers!

If you take a moment to mull over the best image-based social media platforms of today, you will automatically think of Instagram. Your brain will auto-suggest it without any qualms. The platform has expanded by an overwhelming 200 million user base in 2017. Presently, there are over 95 million posts daily and 800 million active users every month.

The introduction of Instagram Stories has taken the popularity of this social media network to newer heights. With several established brands, start-ups, everyday users and professional bloggers registering to this site, there is an added pressure to come up with compelling and eyeball-grabbing content to attract more and more followers.

If you are just starting out on Instagram and feeling concerned about how you will create such high-quality content, we have some ideas. There are several photo editing apps that you can use to give a Midas touch to your photo content and grow your follower base as well. Here are seven best Instagram photo editing apps (free and premium) for you to browse, download and use.

  1. BeFunky

 A compact photo editing app, BeFunky is apt for clearing up designing graphics and pictures. This photo editing tool offers options such as resize, crop, sharpen, soften, tilt and much more. There is another delightful plus to it! You can check out the free version without creating an account. So, browse and play with it today.

  1. Adobe Aviary

 Want your photo content to be in expert hands? Trust Adobe Aviary! It is a powerful but simple-to-use Instagram photo editing app that offers a variety of one-touch tools. It allows you to play with the saturation level, make images appear crisp with the sharpen tool and use the soften feature to add a sense of loftiness to your pictures. Like a thorough professional, Aviary is perceptive and suggests neat edits.

  1. PicMonkey

 There are times when an image that is perfect requires fine tuning! So if you are a blogger and want your selfies drool-worthy, allow PicMonkey to have it fixed for you. From minimizing the extra shine to erasing wrinkles or fine lines, this app has it all figured out for an appealing selfie. Since Instagram selfies receive 38% more likes than scenery or food pictures, PicMonkey is the perfect app for personal Instagram users aiming for sparkling photographs and increased followers. PicMonkey photo adjustments can also make a landscape image of poster quality. Alternatively, tools like Growr helps in getting Instagram growth.

  1. InShot

 A user-friendly tool, InShot easily enables you to fit your picture content into the customary Instagram square. However, the main features of this tool go way beyond still images. Using InShot, you can use the same photo editing effects to your videos as well. In addition to that, users can also add music to their videos from a library within the app.

  1. Adobe Spark Post

 Simply put, this app is ideal for generating impressive social media posts and eye-catching cards. As an Instagram photo editing app, Adobe Spark Post gives your pictures an edge. The app is loaded with choices that are efficiently designed for you to come up with stellar visual content. It also offers you an enjoyable photo-editing experience. So, get started by logging in, selecting the blue plus icon and click “Post.”

You can select an Instagram image template from the listed options such as seasonal, food, lifestyle or make a fresh start. Keep browsing to choose your best fonts, colors and other editing elements. As you complete the editing process, save the final image in JPG format and directly upload it to Instagram.

  1. Bokeh Lens App

 Bokeh is one photography trick that professional photographers use to give an image a dreamlike quality. Usually, photographers get this effect by using advanced lenses, concentrating on the foreground as the background is dimmed or faded. Thanks to 21st-century editing technology, you can get this effect for your pictures using just an app. The Bokeh Lens App is here to work wonders on your images.

Get started by uploading an image, selecting the photo area you wish to be blurred and stay clear. Choose the blur ratio and save the picture. Within few seconds you can give your humble smartphone images a classic and professional edit.

  1. Canva

 Replete with Instagram-ready image templates, Canva is all you need if you want your followers to hit instant likes on your images. Complete the standard registration and choose “Create a design” thereby opting in for ‘Social graphic 800x800px’. Remember, not every image layout on the left menu will have this size. Use any free designs to enhance your Instagram images. Every picture and text can be edited using distinctive effects and filters. Once done, download the final photo and share it on Instagram.

A flurry of likes and appreciative comments followed by a growing follower list always acts as a “feel good factor” to an individual or brand wishing to gain digital prominence. If that is what you want for your Instagram marketing efforts, try these seven delightful photo editing apps and draw more followers.