Three Major Benefits of using GoGSTBill over any other GST app


July 1, 2017, is a red-letter day in the Indian Taxation Sector. The Central Government introduced the ‘One Nation – One Tax’ Goods and Services Tax with effect from that day. Introducing a tax reform is one aspect of governance. Ensuring its compliance is an essential concept in the success of GST. With the introduction of GST, one witnessed a host of online GST service providers. GO GST BILL is one such billing and invoice software solution. When you have a plethora of GST service providers, choosing the best one becomes a challenge. We shall now look at GoGSTBill pricing advantages over its peers in the market.

Three reasons why GO GST BILL is better than any other GST app

Lifetime Free software

One of the most significant advantages of GoGSTBill software solution is that it is lifetime free software with unlimited free updates. It is compatible with all businesses such as manufacturing as well as service oriented industry. Small entrepreneurs, medium-sized companies, and large businesses can use the software with the utmost comfort. Download the app on your computer/laptop and use it to generate purchase as well as sales invoices accurately.

The best aspect of using this software solution is that it is not necessary to have any accounting or technical knowledge to use the software. Anybody with basic knowledge of data entry can operate the software comfortably.

Another exciting aspect of GoGSTBill is that you get active support over the phone. If you face any issues anywhere during your GST billing or tax filing procedure, you get immediate live phone call support to resolve the issue. You do not have to send emails and wait for a response from the vendor’s side.

Excellent easy-to-use Features

GoGSTBill software makes it easy to comply with all GST compulsions because of its superb and easy-to-use features. Raising invoices is a crucial part of GST compliance. The designing of the invoice is perfect in the sense that it contains the information necessary for submission to the clients for making payment. The software solution comes with pre-loaded HSN codes. Searching for the appropriate one is easy. The exciting part is that you get frequent free updates whenever there are additions/deletions or modifications to the HSN and other codes.

This software solution ensures that you provide unique invoice numbers for every bill you generate through the system. It proves handy when your client requires the same for reconciling the tax credits.

Apart from the invoicing aspect, the other features include Expense Management, Vendor Management, Customer Management, Inventory Management, Taxation Management, and Supplier and Purchase Order Management. Building up a database to cater to your products, services, customers, and vendors is easy using the GoGSTBill software solution.

This software comes with an exhaustive product database with pre-loaded HSN codes to enable secure billing. Managing your taxation activities is also easy as this software solution sends timely alerts for filing the respective GST returns within the specified deadlines.     

Besides all these features, GoGSTBill pricing software solution produces creatively designed invoices that not only look beautiful but also includes every piece of information as stipulated by the GST Act.

Generating reports is a critical aspect of GST compliance. This software solution enables you to create various reports such as Company Ledger, Product Report, Sales Report, and so on. Managing your inventory is also possible with one click. Generating credit and debit notes against any invoice with accurate templates is possible with GoGSTBill software solution. Issue payment receipts and track your expenses as well at the same time. Exporting the data into Excel format is comfortable with this software. Therefore, it becomes easy for you to file your returns through the official GST payment gateway.  

High Level of Security

One has to exercise greater care in this online world. One slip on your part can cause leakage of vital information into the hands of waiting hackers. Therefore, securing your data is of prime importance in all online activities of your business. Using GST billing software is one of them.

When you raise invoices in the name of your clients, you enter data of your customers. Any leakage of data can prove dangerous to your customers as well. With GoGSTBill software, there is no need for any worry at all because this software comes fully equipped with complex encryption algorithms. The daily back up feature also ensures that your data remains secure in the cloud servers. You can retrieve the data anytime you want.

Final Words

GoGSTBill Software solution is a popular software solution available in the market. Many GST software solutions are offering similar services, but GoGSTBill is one of the easiest to operate. Say goodbye to endless hours of tension while preparing GST invoices and paying tax as well. GoGSTBill endeavours to make things easy for you.  


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