Technology has become more popular due to its increasing benefits

Technology has become more popular due to its increasing benefits
Technology has become more popular due to its increasing benefits. Image source: Supplied

As technology advances, the viewing experience changes rapidly. Viewers are no longer tied to the limited number of channels on internet TV or even the TV schedule and can now watch exactly what they want to see.

Non-television distribution methods such as the internet have certified audiences to download outdated TV series to a computer, laptop, iPod or smartphone. At the same time, cable and satellite TV providers have changed the concept of prime time by using video-on-demand services to enable viewers to purchase TV programs for easy viewing. With DVR systems like TiVo, users can record certain programs with similar effects in the system’s computer memory. On spectrum gold package you can record your favorite shows easily.

Days before the cable

Imagine there were only selected channels at that time: ABC, CBS, NBC, and PBS. There may be two or three local channels but nowadays in spectrum gold package, you can watch more than 200 channels. Spectrum is a great service for live streaming.  They offer sports channels, news channels, channels for kids and entertainment channels. Spectrum TV gold is an unbelievable service.

There are so many technological developments that not only enable interactivity and advanced wired services but also significantly increases channel capacity. Compared to current analog technology, this kind of technology collects noise in the air and over the cable, while digital compression technology can use a small portion of the bandwidth used by analog technology while being clearly signaled. Digital technology converts a video signal into a binary form and then stores it in a computer. The signal information is compressed to a fraction of its original size, but the conversion into a video signal for transmission.

Important Cable terms

Broadband is a high-capacity transmission technology that can transmit a large number of channels at the same time. As broadband capacity increases, so the number of networks that cable companies can transmit. The term quality cable refers to a network for which viewers are willing to pay a premium. These channels include HBO, Showtime, as well as a number of sports and entertainment programs. On-demand programs allow viewers to watch TV anytime, anywhere. Spectrum TV gold offers premium channels at a reasonable price. You can now watch your favorite channels at any time.

Cable TV in the converged market cannot effectively tackle the future of cable TV without considering the broader context of ICT convergence. Convergence is a concept that describes the trend to blur the lines between traditionally different ICT sectors such as telecommunications, media including broadcasting and the equipment industry. These blurred boundaries are related to the convergence of industries and services. Traditionally, industries particularly telecommunications and broadcasting have been isolated because their products and services are complementary and not substitute products and companies have not been integrated across different capabilities and assets. As a result, mergers and other forms of collaboration between telecommunication and media companies have rarely been observed or absent. Convergence services are available on the market, including content, service and network providers and device manufacturers. As industries grow together and lead to mergers or close collaborations, it is becoming increasingly difficult to identify the market in these categories.

Increased bandwidth capacity

Cable TV operators are offering video services as a part of an integrated service offering, including broadband access and value-added services based on this access. To increase the internet service, the best way is to increase your bandwidth. To solve the problem, we first need to define the bandwidth and how it affects your connection speed. For computers, bandwidth refers to the amount of data that can be downloaded or uploaded from a computer within a specified period of time. It is measured in bits per second.

If you think your internet speed is slow or your bandwidth is insufficient, run a speed test and compare the results with the numbers published by your ISP. If only one device is connected to the internet and no files are downloaded, the result should live up to your promise. However, if you typically want to connect multiple devices at the same time and stream videos and share files with friends, you may need more bandwidth.