Super Smart Reasons To Enjoy Being Home With Samsung’s QLED TV Range

The QLED range brings your office, school and incredible entertainment into your living space
The QLED range brings your office, school and incredible entertainment into your living space

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – June 19, 2020 – With Samsung’s QLED range, you can now turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with immersive sound, endless detail, minimalist design and unrivalled technology. Better still, you now have access to all you need in one space – from home learning, a home office to the convenience of home fitness.

“The way we use our TV has evolved dramatically. Samsung is leading this revolution with smart features that amplify the options you have access to. This is human-centred technology designed for a time when many of us are focussed on staying home and staying healthy. Of course, the range also continues to offer unrivalled entertainment at its best, “said Nivash Ramsern, Head: Visual Display at Samsung South Africa.

Work, Play and Study from Home
Samsung TV creates an incredible home entertainment experience with streaming apps and even game enhancers. It includes a Video On Demand App, Multi-View that merges your smartphone and TV onto one screen as well as Real Game Enhancer+ for a more realistic way to enjoy your favourite game. Here are a few additional ways to maximise your Samsung TV Experience:

Create a Home Office
With Remote Access, you can work efficiently from home so you never far away from the office. This includes the tools you need to ensure your colleagues and clients are effortlessly connected, such as Mirroring with video conference on your TV. You can also turn your TV into a big, impressive work monitor through the TV’s HDMI connection.

Learn From Home
Many parents and students have recently experienced the need for schooling at home. The Samsung TV is effortlessly set up for this. Home learning is made easier with access to online classes on TV, educational videos on YouTube as well as Remote Access to keep that all-important connection between the classroom and the home.

Experience Entertainment At Its Very Best
With Samsung TV you have access to Video On Demand with easy access to various content from around the world. QLED Smart TVs, powered by Tizen, makes it easier to find the content you love with personalised recommendations. Want to watch what’s on your TV and your smartphone on the same screen? With MultiView, you can. Whether it’s live stats for sports or cheat videos for games, simply connect your phone and dual-screen like never before. To make sure you’re always in control, the TV is powerfully integrated and simple to use.

Samsung TV is also designed to enhance your fitness with a bigger screen and the convenience of mirroring your smartphone so you can explore, select and choose the right fitness routines for you and check your progress. In fact, Samsung TV is a complete lifestyle experience with Ambient Mode that brings a designer look to your space – whether it’s now an office, school, gym or even a gaming room.

Samsung QLED TV offers an unparalleled visual and auditory adventure from the comfort of your living room. It’s the first TV in South Africa to introduce 8K, with sizes from 43″ to 98″, and the range also includes 4K. So essentially the QLED series was designed with options to fit various spaces and budgets. And with Smart Hub you can find your favourite content together in one easy-to-navigate menu – all with the Samsung OneRemote that gives you effortless access and control. It’s now simply a matter of choosing your viewing pleasure or type of task – and have every reason to enjoy being at home.