Slip Ring Assembly and how to choose


We all live in a world of technology surrounded by various machines around. But have you ever thoughts exactly how these machines work. What is the main consistent in a motor that allows it to move? What is one of the preferable parts in your wind turbine that offers its 360 degrees continuous rotations?

It’s a split ring. YES. A small compact structure present inside the electromechanical devices hat enables it rotating all the timerotating just without limits. You can easily get these slip rings in devices like motors, AC generators DC generators and different other electromagnetic appliances.

But have you ever thought what makes a split ring to work efficiently like this? Are you aware of the assembly and the constituents of the slip ring? If you are here; then surely NO. Before going further with the construction of Slip rings, it would be quite better to find out the most common formats of these components. The most common slip rings you can find easily in the market are:

  • Through bore slip rings
  • Pancake slip rings
  • Pneumatic slip rings
  • Wireless slip rings
  • Wire slip rings

How to choose a slip ring?

What is slip ring Perfect selection of a slip ring is one of the absolute requirements to fulfill the various needs of your project. You need to take care of each and every single detail of our application’s operating parameters; such as how many circuits are being involved there, what voltage and amps each channel needs to have, what is its operating speed and how to mount it etc. You can quickly start up with selecting the perfect one from the standard slip rings. If these standardize slip rings doesn’t get fit to your requirements; you can move upon the selection of modified solutions as well.


Slip Ring Assembly

If we talk about the slip ring assembly; it is not fixed at all. You can easily find out different slip ring options in the market depending upon their build up and functionality. Slip rings are known for their rotations, but their rotations are coming up from the same source every time; it is not entirely evident. Depending upon the structure of slip rings we are defining you here different types of slip rings; have a glance.

Carbon/Brass System: It is a modular based slip ring assembly that comes up in various diameters and versions depending upon their requirements in multiple projects. These kinds of slip ring assemblies are commonly used in cranes, sewage plants, mixers, construction machines, excavators and much more.

Printed Circuit Board System: This slip ring option is required where digital and analog signals are needed to be transmitted to EtherCat and when one has to transfer power within small power installations. The system requires low installation heights and can be easily used in various places such as truck mounted cranes, spinning mills, packing machines, rotary tables, construction machines and much more.

Cast Slip Rings /Gold Wire Rings: These slip rings are usually characterized by their compact structures and high durability. These slip rings are being designed to work on motors that require high mechanical swing loads to be taken on. Automation, wind power plants, tooling machines, and amusement rides are one of the most common areas of application of these slip rings.

Cast Slip Rings / Carbon Brush System:Cast rings along with carbon brushes are something that we extremely require for the applications with high rotation speeds. These are highly robust and durable slip ring options that can easily manage the higher mechanical swing loads. One of the most common areas of applications of these slip rings is Stranding machines, packing machines, balancing machines, and mining devices, etc.

Multi-Wire System:This assembly format is being used to produce a highly compact structure. These slip rings are designed for the data transmission in industrial manufacturing, regenerative power generation, radar technology and much more. One of the most extensive areas of applications of this kind of slip rings is packing machines,pancake slip rings tooling machines, amusement rides, wind power plants and much more.

SICL System:This slip ring assembly option is based on individually insulated conductor lines. These slip rings are most commonly used for low installation heights. One of the most common areas of applications is Stage technology, wind power plant, crane technology, and amusement rides, etc.

Carbon / Carbon system: This type of assembly is being used for slip rings being designed for special machinery. One of the best things about this assembly option is that it ensures users to have highly transmitted power reliable at extremely high rotational speeds. Hydroelectric power stations, stranding machines, welding technology, are some of the most common areas of applications to these slip rings.

Fiber Optic Rotatory Joints / Connectors: This kind of assembly is being used in the slip ring non- contact transmission of large volumes of data has to be taken on. These slip rings offer unlimited resistance to the interface along with the electromagnetic compatibility. You can easily find this kind of slip rings in automation, robotics, wind power plants, explosion-proof areas of application, etc.


The area of applications is quite large for slip rings. From smaller handheld electromagnetic machines to more extensive and large motors; there is nothing space left where we can’t use slip rings. You can easily find slip rings in wind power plants, hydroelectric plants, amusement rides, robotics, automation tools, cranes, packing technology and various other places. The construction and speed may vary from project to project, but they’re in a lengthy feature remains same always, and that is its continuous rotation. These rings offer constant 360 degrees rotation to the motors where they are being used. You cannot even imagine an electromagnetic engine running without the involvement of a slip ring. It is must to have equipment whose structure and assembly may vary slightly in the product where they are currently being used. Just go through the different slip ring assembly options given above and select the one that is being suitable for your project.


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