Sim Unlock Codes for Lg Iphone Samsung Nokia Google pixel

Sim Unlock Codes for Lg Iphone Samsung Nokia Google pixel

How to Sim Unlock Verizon T-mobile sprint telstra roger bell o2 orange and at&t.

Sim unlock codes are used to network unlock mobile like iPhone, Samsung galaxy, Google pixel, Lg, Nokia, Motorola, Htc, Huawei, acer and vivo. With imei unlock codes you can unlock T-Mobile, at&t, roger, sprint, Verizon, bell, TELUS, Telstra, orange, Fido and megafone sim card.

There are many mobile which are sim locked. So that you cannot use other company sim network card. For example if your iPhone or Google pixel is sim locked with T-Mobile carrier card. Then you cannot use at&t, Verizon or sprint network card. iPhone and Google pixel must be sim unlocked to use other card. Sim Unlock code can be generated from imei number of mobile.

How to generate Sim Network Unlock Pin.

You need following details to get sim Network unlock pin.

1) IMEI number of ios or android mobile. For iPhone you need to provide imei / IMSI number. Without imei number you cannot generate sim unlock codes for iPhone, Lg, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Htc, Google pixel and Huawei.

2) Network carrier name which has locked mobile. for example in usa t-mobile, at&t, Cricket wireless, sprint, Fido, metropcs, Verizon are provide sim locked mobile. Worldwide MTS, Megafone, Telstra, orange, O2, Bell, roger, telus and Softbank which provides latest mobile.

3) Location country where lg, Nokia, Samsung galaxy, google pixel and iPhone are locked. If mobile is locked at Europe and you provide country name of USA. Then unlock code will not work. And you get error that network unlock unsuccessful.

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When you provide above detail. After few hours you will get email with unlock codes. Once you get unlock code.

Start mobile with any other sim card. Insert any sim card to mobile and restart mobile. Once mobile boot it will show that enter sim network unlock pin for Samsung galaxy, Lg, Google pixel, Nokia, Acer, Vivo, Htc or Motorola.

Sometime it shows invalid sim card enter sim unlock code. Enter unlock code you have received to your email and tap unlock. If valid Imei unlock code is entered then you will get message that network unlock successful and your mobile will work with any network carrier card.

How to know that mobile is sim network locked.

When mobile is sim carrier locked, only one carrier sim card work. And if you insert other network sim card then it will ask for sim network unlock codes. It will not able to show network tower. Mobile start with other sim card, there will be error. It shows that invalid sim card, invalid microchip inserted, contact service provider, enter sim restriction code.

Mobile PUK code also known as Personal Unlock Key is also used to unlock mobile. But this is different kind of unlock. Sim network unlock code are generated from imei number. But puk code are provided by customer care. For that you need to call customer care and ask for puk code. After verification you will get sms with puk code. PUK code is of 6 to 8 digit long.