Shopping Smarter: How Samsung is Using Digital Signage to Make Retail Spaces Smarter

The reality of the New Normal, means retailers are increasingly fighting for the attention of shoppers, which has seen the rise of Smart Signage, which transcends the conventional viewing experience through realistic and compelling content. That’s why the partnership between Samsung and Moving Tactics, the leading South African digital signage solutions company, offers clients an effective pre-defined outcome to attractive shopper attention. Smart Signage gives the best-in-class picture quality, with these displays bringing creative ideas to life, and enabling businesses to deliver refreshing content that engages, informs and entertains.

Why the Samsung and Moving Tactics Partnership Stands Out

  • System-on-Chip (SOC) Technology

SOC technology has stepped forward and replaced the need for external media players, and I believe that retailers, and especially QSR chains, should insist on having their systems switched over to this new technology; or if they’re installing from scratch, this is a must. This massive trend in digital signage technology does away with using multiple pieces of equipment, and instead, runs the software via the screen only, resulting in a much more streamlined solution, whilst providing diagnostics and health readings. Samsung offer this technology and it is much more reliable to have one failure point via one supplier, specifically in the QSR market.

  • LED Display Technology

Despite the relative expense of LED display technology, use is growing all the time and when used for large format work, they become cost effective, making them ideal for installations on a grand scale. Their brightness allows them to work well for indoor and window displays and they’re not limited by any specific aspect ratio. These LED displays can change shape to fit almost any specific space as they are multi-purpose and highly customisable and they show up better in ambient light conditions, compared to other technologies.


  • Customer Success

The ability to develop and implement an all-round high quality installation is crucial to ensure that retail brands and QSR chains get the most out of their digital signage systems by using new and innovative ways to capture the customer’s attention. Offering a turnkey solution is absolutely essential. This is why the Samsung MagicINFO™ signage solution has also proven to be invaluable to clients such as fast food chains where intelligent drive-thru digital menu boards can run off a digital eco-system.

The bespoke Samsung MagicInfo signage solution is an entirely Samsung end-to-end technology that runs from the digital menu board content across commercial 24-hour rated Samsung screen solutions at each outlet. The offering also includes on-going content development across all store categories as well as content management. Samsung and Moving Tactics have always been at the pioneering edge of technology, developing sustainable and durable solutions over the years – providing customers with the best solution to meet their requirements. It’s a partnership that’s a smart choice for everyone.

About the Samsung and Moving Tactics Partnership

For almost a decade, the partnership has allowed both companies to solidify their position as true industry innovators. This partnership has resulted in digital signage installations for renowned global brands with a CAPEX value exceeding R100m. Moving Tactics was one of the pioneers in utilising commercial large format displays to ensure playout of advertiser content, which in turn would provide auditable flighting reports to clients. Additionally, the benefits of installing Samsung’s commercial grade screens offer clients much more advanced features. Samsung’s System-On-Chip (SOC) technology replaced the need for external media players. This massive trend in digital signage technology does away with using multiple pieces of equipment, and instead, runs the software via the screen only, resulting in a much more streamline.