Serco delivers New Multi-Mode Trailers

Serco delivers New Multi-Mode Trailers
Serco’s new multi-mode trailer.

Serco has completed and delivered ten multi-mode trailers to a leading South African beverage transporter, with more in the pipeline.

The multi-mode designed trailer is a new offering from Serco and refers to having the capability to load and off-load the vehicle from the side and the rear.

Delivered on time

Serco CEO Clinton Holcroft says the completed trailers were delivered on time and within a few weeks of the order being received. “Our ability to meet the tight delivery timelines while maintaining high quality is a testament to our commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence.

Improved efficiencies

“The client had previously been using box body vehicles with rear loading and wanted to improve loading efficiencies by enabling loading from the sides and the rear which they achieved with a state-of-the-art, fast opening curtain-sider system with a rear mounted roll-over door.”

A feature which differs from the usual curtain sider, says Holcroft, is the five-wheel roller system that slides through a top and bottom track. The curtain folds up compactly and works without buckles for tensioning, thus doing away with having to deal with open or flapping curtains while travelling when the buckles are not tensioned correctly.

Fast opening improves loading

“The fast-opening curtain system improves loading and offloading times by more than 50%. This is especially beneficial for operations involving multiple drops, significantly enhancing overall efficiency.”

With features such as a 3.5-ton capacity column lift powered by roof mounted solar-panels, a lightweight extruded aluminium floor, internal LED lighting, and additional side impact safety guards, the trailers are built to optimise performance and safety.

“As demand for efficient and reliable logistics solutions grows, we are proud to be at the forefront of innovation, providing our clients with the tools they need to succeed,” Holcroft added.

Focus on innovation and customer-centric design

Serco’s focus on innovation and customer-centric design positions it as a leader in the truck and trailer manufacturing industry, ensuring the company continues to deliver superior solutions that drive business success.