Samsung Reinvents the Refrigerator

The Samsung RS5000 is packed with innovative features South Africans will love

Samsung Reinvents the Refrigerator
Samsung Reinvents the Refrigerator

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – 03 December 2019 – Refrigerators are undeniably one of the greatest inventions of all time. They have been with us for many years now and have evolved gradually from the first block box with basic shelves to the contemporary, greatly advanced versions, comprising a number of features. Clearly refrigeration has greatly transformed our lives giving us the power to safely store and maintain the quality of our food. The Samsung RS5000 series does this effortlessly.

“As a human-centred company, Samsung is continually researching products that reflect the emerging design trend in kitchens today: clutter-free, simple, energy-efficient and clean cabinetry styles. Well-adapted to local conditions, technology like All-Around Cooling ensures that every item on every shelf and in every box remains evenly chilled. This is essential when it comes to keeping food stored fresher for longer. It’s the power of home innovation,” says Nithia Pillay, Director: Consumer Electronics at Samsung South Africa.

At a glance, there are many features that make the Samsung RS5000 an indispensable addition to your kitchen. These include both a 3 door and 2 door model.

The 3 Door model includes features such as:


The unique Samsung SpaceMax™ technology enables the walls to be much thinner, as it uses a minimal amount of high-efficiency insulation, and creates more storage space without increasing the external dimensions or compromising energy efficiency.


The Samsung FlexZone™* is an independently controlled compartment. It stores different foods and drinks at the optimal temperature, so that they stay fresh and tasty for longer. Four pre-set settings are ideal for preserving meats, cooling beverages, keeping fruits and vegetables fresh, or just storing more food.

Digital Inverter Technology

Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor lasts longer while saving energy up to 50%. Unlike conventional compressors, it automatically adjusts its speed in response to cooling demand, reducing wear and tear.

The 2 Door model includes features such as:

All-Around Cooling

This features ensures that all your food is properly cooled – wherever it is in the fridge. An all-around cooling system cools the fridge evenly from corner to corner ensuring that every item of food stays fresher for longer.

The Samsung RS5000 range also includes other incredible features such as:

Power Cool / Power Freeze – Fast Cooling and Freezing on Demand

Enjoy a rapid cooling performance with the New Samsung RS5000 Refrigerator series. At the touch of a button, Power Cool blows intensely cold air into the refrigerator to quickly cool your groceries or favourite drinks. Additionally, Power Freeze delivers a fast blast of cold air into the freezer. It’s great for freezing or firming up frozen food and making ice.

Slim Indoor IceMaker – More Ice, More Freezer Storage Space

The Samsung RS5000 allows you to have more space to store more food, but still, have enough ice with a Slim In-door Ice Maker*. As it’s built into the door, it gives you extra storage by freeing up freezer shelf space that can make and store plenty of ice. Its transparent plastic cover lets you easily see how much is left.

Wine Rack – Neatly Store More of Your Favourite Wine

Organise and neatly store more wine. A wine rack is designed to safely store bottles of wine, so they don’t roll around and are easy to reach. It can be installed in either the upper or lower refrigerator compartments so you can easily enjoy a glass of deliciously chilled wine whenever you like.

Deodorising Filter – Odour Eliminator Maintains Natural flavour

Keep the inside of the refrigerator deodorised and preserve the original flavour and aroma of food for longer. The built-in natural fibre Deodorising Filter eliminates strong smells as the air continually passes through activated carbon filters. There is, therefore, no need for other odour fighting solutions.

Veg Box – Easily Store More Vegetables and Fruit

A large capacity Veg Box provides a convenient space to store a large number of fresh vegetables and fruit. The large size makes it much easier to find everything, as they’re all in one place and easy to get to, so you can enjoy them more often without taking up valuable kitchen space.

The Samsung RS5000 series is packed with intelligent features, but is also big on looks. Its sleek and seamless counter-depth design will fit perfectly with the dimensions of your existing appliances and cabinetry to create a harmonious kitchen interior. It also has beautiful flat doors with recessed handles that don’t protrude. This refrigerator is a breath of fresh air in every way.

The range is available from Game, Makro, Dion Wired, Pick n Pay, Builders Warehouse, House n Home, Hirsch as well as Samsung Brand stores. The Samsung RS5000 series consists of:

RS65R5691B4/FA (3 Door) – 602 L – * Recommended Retail Price: R30 999.00
RS65R5411M9/FA (2 Door) – 617 L – * Recommended Retail Price: R20 999.00
RS64R5311B4/FA (2 Door) – 617 L – * Recommended Retail Price: R20 999.00
RS62R5011M9/FA (2 Door) – 647 L – * Recommended Retail Price: R16 999.00

*Recommended prices only. Prices may vary per store.